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Ziyin Mai

higher degrees MEd Cambridge Education

Research in Second Language Education (MPhil)

What have you gained from the course?
I gained a lot from the course. From academic reading and writing to critical thinking, from contrasting theories to practical field work, it feels like an academic re-birth. I have been in the mental state of culture shock since the first day I was here. I made a lot of mistakes and have a lot of regrets, but I think I am learning from them and making significant progress. I love this feeling of getting better every day!

What would you say to other overseas students considering coming here to study?
It is a very challenging course and you will gain a great deal from it, not just from the lectures, but also from the supervisions, seminars and group discussions. The faculty gives students sufficient self-autonomy and provides many opportunities for students to learn from each other, which I found very refreshing, motivating and effective. As for the course of RSLE, the thing I like the most is the supervisors. They are highly experienced researchers as well as very supportive teachers. I am going to miss them the most when I leave Cambridge

Is there anything further you would like to say to someone thinking of studying here?
Be prepared to cry at the beginning and laugh at the end. You won't regret it.