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Claudia Tratjemberg

higher degrees masters cambridge

Research in Second Language Education (MPhil)

What were your reasons for deciding to do the course?
I have been teaching for a long time now and been in charge of projects involving many people. After reading the course description I felt that the RSLE programme would satisfy my need of marrying experience with a sound theoretical knowledge. Also given the emphasis on both education and second language I felt that the course would satisfy my personal interest in that to me second or foreign language education should be treated as an educational issue rather than purely linguistic

What have you gained from the course?
I think that most of all I have developed an understanding of how to approach research in my area. Also, the complexities of educational research, the need to pay full attention to contextual factors and the people involved have become clearer. I have also learned from the diversity of people sharing this course, and no doubt from the lecturers.

What would you say to other overseas students considering coming here to study?
I have found it very intense but worthwhile. Overseas students who have not been abroad before, and whose mother tongue is not English, might find it a little bit difficult to get accustomed at the beginning. Especially because more than the language there are cultural differences that take a while to learn. Students should be aware of the requirements of the course in terms of intensity of workload during term.

What do you plan to do after your course?
I will go back now to teaching. As I said before, I feel that more than anything what I have learned will have an impact on my decisions in the classroom. I think that I will plan my teaching a little bit differently from what I used to do.

Is there anything further you would like to say to someone thinking of studying here?
For professionals in the area of second language education, no doubt the programme offers lots of interesting perspectives if people are interested in moving away from only teaching to doing research.