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Ben Alcott


University Lecturer

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0) 1223 767 651


  • PhD Education, University of Michigan
  • MSc Social Policy & Research Methods, London School of Economics
  • BA History, University of London (SOAS)

Curriculum Vitae

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Ben is a University Lecturer within the Faculty's Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre, where he works on education policies in Southern contexts. His current research focuses on access to schooling, the quality of state and non-state educational provision, and inequalities in learning outcomes.

Academic Area/Links

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • British Association for International and Comparative Education
  • Comparative and International Education Society

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Research Interests

  • Education policy
  • Education and international development
  • Inequalities in learning
  • Quantitative methods
  • Programme evaluation
  • Mixed methods research design

Current Research Projects

  • Early childhood education. Rural India. Funding support from British Association of International and Comparative Education (BAICE)
  • Teacher-community accountability. Rural India. Funder: UK Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC); UK Department for International Development (DFID)
  • Needs-based bursaries, learning, and wellbeing for adolescent girls. Rural Tanzania. Funder: Echnida Giving; DFID Girls’ Education Challenge (via Camfed)
  • The role of assessment in stimulating grassroots change in education systems. Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. Funder: Hewlett Foundation.
  • The role of equity in governments' education policy commitments. Global. Funder: Unesco.

Prospective PhD Applications

Students with related research interests should contact Ben directly.



  • International development and education policy
  • Research methods


  • International development and education policy
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Critical reading and writing


  • Thesis supervisor/advisor
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Critical reading and writing

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Principal and Recent Publications

Alcott, B., & Rose, P. (2017). Learning in India’s primary schools: how do disparities widen across the grades? International Journal of Educational Development. DOI 10.1016/j.ijedudev.2017.05.002. Link

Alcott, B. (2017). Might Progress Assessments Hinder Equitable Progress? Evidence from England. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability. DOI 0.1007/s11092-017-9264-2. Link

Alcott, B. (2017). The influence of teacher encouragement on educational persistence: evidence from England. Research in Higher Education. DOI 10.1007/s11162-017-9446-2. Link

Ro, H., Lattuca, L. & Alcott, B. (2017). The impact of college experiences and engineering skills on enrollment in engineering graduate programs. Journal of Engineering Education. DOI 10.1002/jee.20154 Link to published version (gated) Link to pre-proofed version (open access)

Alcott, B., & Rose, P. (2016). Does private schooling narrow wealth inequalities in learning outcomes? Evidence from East Africa. Oxford Review of Education. DOI 10.1080/03054985.2016.1215611. Link to published version (gated) Link to pre-proofed version (open access)

Alcott, B., Rose, P., & Sabates, S. (2016). Targeted, Multidimensional Approaches to Overcome Inequalities in Secondary Education: Case Study of Camfed in Tanzania. Background paper for The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity. Link

Rose, P., Sabates, R. Alcott, B., & Ilie, S. (2016). Overcoming inequalities within countries to achieve global convergence in learning. Background paper for The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity. Link

Alcott, B. (2016). Cognitive Framing and Its Theoretical Implications for Tuition Fee Policies in England. Faculty of Education Working Paper Series (04/2016). University of Cambridge. Link

Alcott, B., & Rose, P. (2015). Schools and learning in rural India and Pakistan: Who goes where, and how much are they learning? Prospects. DOI 10.1007/s11125-015-9350-5. Link(gated)  

Carter, D., Ro, H., Alcott, B., & Lattuca, L. (2015). Co-Curricular Connections: The Role of Undergraduate Research Experiences in Promoting Engineering Students’ Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership Skills. Research in Higher Education. DOI 10.1007/s11162-015-9386-7. Link(gated)

Rose, P., & Alcott, B. (2015). How can education systems become equitable by 2030? DFID think pieces – Learning and equity. Report prepared for UK Department for International Development. Oxford, UK: Health & Education Advice and Resource Team. Link

Alcott, B. (2013). Predicting departure from British education: Identifying those most at risk through discrete time hazard modelling. Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning. DOI 10.5456/WPLL.15.4.46 Link(gated) Link