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James de Winter


Associate Lecturer in Science Education

E-mail Address


(+44) 01223 330578


  • BEng (Hons) Loughborough University of Technology
  • PGCE (Physics/Science) University of Cambridge
  • MEd  (Science Education) University of Cambridge

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Institute of Physics
  • American Association of Physics Teachers
  • Association for Science Education

Member of the Education Board of the Institute of Physics
Chartered Science Teacher

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James has been working as an associate at the faculty for over eleven years. He currently leads the secondary Physics PGCE course and also contributes to the science provision on the Primary PGCE courses. He currently also leads the country-wide teacher fellow and educational research programs for the Ogden Trust. Previously, for many years, he worked as a secondary school physics teacher and then for the Science Learning Network developing, writing and leading continuing professional development (CPD) courses regionally and nationally with a focus on supporting specialist and non-specialist teachers of physics.

James has written a variety of materials for students and teachers in both the primary and secondary phase. These include textbooks, schemes of work, digital resources, science class readers and teacher guides to support A-level physics practical work. He has also been a consultant for a series of high interest science books for KS2 and a set of teachers TV programs. He is an editorial associate for School Science Review and on the reviewing panel for the Journal of Teacher Development

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Academic Area/Research Topics/Links

  • Science/Physics education
  • Secondary education
  • Teacher education
  • Wikis as collaborative tools
  • New technologies and interactive whiteboards

Research Interests

  • Physics teacher professional identity
  • Mentoring of early career teachers
  • New technologies in education: developing a user guide for trainee teachers and their mentors.
  • Teachers working collaboratively using wikis

Publications (Academic and Professional)

de Winter, J., Winterbottom, M., & Wilson, E. (2010). Developing a user guide to integrating new technologies in science teaching and learning: teachers’ and pupils’ perceptions of their affordances. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 19(2), 261–267

de Winter, J. (2011). ‘I no longer dread teaching physics, I now enjoy it!’ Participant reflections from the SASP physics course. Physics Education, 46(2), 159

Hillier, J., de Winter, J., & Twidle, J. (2013). I Could Enjoy Teaching: The Case of Physics. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 13(3), 287–302

de Winter, J. (2015). Using Birdsong to Support the Teaching of Sound and Graphs. School Science Review, 96(356), 51-57

de Winter, J., Inglis, M. (2017). Physics Practical Guides 11-16. In: Abrahams, I., Reiss, M. eds. Enhancing Learning with Effective Practical Science 11-16. New York: Bloomsbury.

de Winter, J. (2017). Teaching and Learning in Physics. In: Taber, K., Akpan, B. eds. Science Education: An International Course Companion. Rotterdam: Sense.

Winterbottom, M. & de Winter, J. (2017). Approaches to Teaching and Learning Science. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Publications (Textbooks and Teacher Resources)

de Winter, J., Laird, R., Saunders, N., Shewry, R., Spencer, P., & Stirrup, M. (2006). Edexcel GCSE Science: Pupil’s Book. London: Edexcel.

Bradfield, P., de Winter, J., Harmsworth, A., Porter, C., Saunders, N., Shewry, R. (2006). Edexcel GCSE Additional Science: Pupil’s Book. London: Edexcel.

de Winter, J. (2009). Extreme Science: How To Catapult A Castle. London: A&C Black.

de Winter, J. (2009). Extreme Science: Secrets of Sport. London: A&C Black.

de Winter, J. (2009). Treasure Hunter!: Discover Lost Cities and Pirate Gold. London: A & C Black.

de Winter, J. (2010). Spies: Amazing Tricks of a Secret Agent. London: A & C Black.

Bridges, M. A., de Winter, J., Fullick, A., Grime, R., Hudson, M., Saunders, D. (2011)
Edexcel GCSE Science: Additional Science Student Book. London: Edexcel.

Banbury, C., Turford, B., de Winter, J., & Turner, J. (2014). Snap Science - Teaching Framework Year 6. London: Collins Educational.

Beverley, N., de Winter, J., Hiscock, N., Lawrence, L., & Turner, J. (2014). Snap Science - Teaching Framework Year 3. London: Collins Educational.

Conference Presentations and Events

de Winter, J. and Winterbottom, M. 2009. Developing a user guide to new technologies in science teaching and learning. RITWIT Conference. Cambridge, UK. 29th-30th June 2009.

de Winter, J., Winterbottom, M. and Wilson, E. 2009. New technologies in science teaching: developing an online beginners' guide. EDEN Annual Conference. Gdansk, Poland. 10th-13th June 2009.

de Winter, J. Airey, J. (2017) What is a ‘good’ physics teacher? Views from the UK education community. 12th conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA 2017), August 21-25, 2017, Dublin, Ireland.

de Winter, J. (2017) The training and development of Physics Teachers in England and views from the Stakeholder Community. Invited speaker in seminar on Physics teacher competence and the culture for teaching and learning in physics departments. University of Oslo, Department of Physics October 25th, 2017.

de Winter, J. (2018) Training science teachers in England. Invited seminar at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Stockholm University. May 16th, 2018.

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Course Involvement

  • Secondary Science PGCE
  • Primary PGCE
  • Science MEd