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Julia Flutter


Director, Cambridge Primary Review Trust

Associate Editor, Cambridge Journal of Education

Route Co-ordinator, PGCE-M Research Methods Strand

Research Associate

Academic Groups

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  • BA Hons Psychology and Education
  • MPhil (Cantab)


Contributing author and sub-editor 'Children, Their World, Their Education: Final report and Recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review' (Edited by Robin Alexander, 2009) which was awarded First Prize in the Society of Educational Studies Book Awards 2011

ESRC Career Development Associate awarded 1999-2002

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In 1994, Julia joined the research team working on Making Your Way Through Secondary School, led by the late Professor Jean Rudduck (part of the ESRC Research Programme 'Innovation and Change in Education'). This longitudinal study of pupils' perspectives on schooling tracked the school careers of a cohort of pupils in three comprehensive schools in the north of England through the last four years of secondary school. Findings drawn from this study have been followed up in a series of projects exploring different aspects of 'pupil voice': most recently in the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme Network Project 'Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning' (co-ordinated by the late Professor Jean Rudduck). For details see: Other projects have included 'Improving Learning - the pupils' agenda' (supported by the Nuffield Foundation); Sustaining pupils' progress in learning at Year 3 (supported by Ofsted); Thinking and Talking about Learning - the Effective Learning Project (with Cambridgeshire Local Authority) and 'Student Voice and the Architecture of Change'.

From 2007-2012 Julia was Research Associate for the Cambridge Primary Review, led by Professor Robin Alexander, and she is now a Co-Director of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the development of excellent primary education for all. Julia is also Route Co-ordinator for the PGCE-M Research Methods Strand, and an Assessor for the Primary and Early Years PGCE programme. In addition, Julia teaches research methods, psychology and primary education topics, contributing to various Masters and Undergraduate courses. For information about the on-going work of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust please see:

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  • Primary education
  • Pupils' perspectives on teaching and learning (primary and secondary)
  • Creating a learning-focused dialogue
  • The physical learning environment
  • Pupil consultation and pupil participation
  • Changing constructions of children and childhood
  • Students as researchers

Recent Research Projects

  • Education International study of Teacher Status
  • Cambridge Primary Review
  • ESRC TLRP Phase 1 Network Project Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning

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  • Psychology and Education
  • Research Methods
  • Student Voice


  • MPhil/MEd Psychology and Education
  • MPhil/MEd Primary Education
  • MPhil/MEd Educational Research
  • Masters Core Research Training
  • PGCE Early Years and Primary Course

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Recent Publications

Nicholl, B., Flutter, J. , Hosking, I. and Clarkson, P. (2013) Joining up the DOTs: authentic teaching and learning in Design and Technology. Cambridge Journal of Education, 43:4, 435-450.

Nicholl, B., Flutter, J., Hosking, I. and Clarkson, P. (2012) Transforming practice in Design and Technology: evidence from a classroom-based research study of students' responses to an intervention on inclusive design.

Flutter, J. (2010) ‘International Perspectives on the Student Voices’ Movement: sonorities in a changing world’. In Finney, J. and Harrison, C. (2010) Whose music education is it? The role of the student voice. NAME Handbook 2010. London: National Association of Music Educators.

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