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Ian Frowe


Lecturer in Education

E-mail Address


01223 767579



Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

Society for the Philosophy of Education


Ian Frowe taught in primary and middle schools before becoming a lecturer.

Academic Area/Links

  • Philosophy of education
  • Political aspects of education
  • Language in education
  • Social Theory

Research Topics

  • Philosophical issues in education
  • Political Theory
  • Language and ideology

Current Research Projects

  • Censorship and Education
  • Extremism and Education
  • Education and Perfection
  • Work of Michael Oakeshott

Course Involvement

  • Teaches education/professional studies on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
  • Teaches education/professional studies on Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses
  • Joint coordinator for the Politics, Democracy and Education MPhil course
  • Supervision of PhD students


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