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Steven Hunt


Senior Teaching Associate

E-mail Address


(+44) 01223 767645


  • BA (London)
  • PGCE (London)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

Editor The Journal of Classics Teaching (JCT) 2012-present

Association for Latin Teaching (ArLT): President 2016-19

Roman Society: Chair of Schools' Committee 1998-2012

London Association of Classical Teachers Original Records (LACTORs): Treasurer since 1996.

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After completing his PGCE Steve taught Classics for twenty years in comprehensive schools in Greater and Inner London and in rural Hertfordshire. Specialising in Latin, he also taught Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History from GCSE to A-level. For eight years he was a mentor for the PGCE in Classics at Cambridge, and he became the course leader in 2008.

Steve has a particular interest in the teaching of Latin language and the ways in which pupils can access and develop their understanding of the Roman world through exposure to original source material. He is also interested in the design and use of materials for teaching and learning Classical Civilisation courses.  He considers it essential as a teacher trainee in Classics to remain in contact with practising Classics teachers and is always interested in seeing new practices throughout the UK. Along with Aisha Khan-Evans of Kings College London he maintains a teacher training website for Classics, with funding from the DCSF. Steve contributes to CPD events at national and regional level, and has undertaken consultancy work for such organisations as QCDA, OCR and the Cambridge Schools' Classics project (CSCP).

Current research interests focus on teacher training provision for Classics teachers, especially the Graduate Teacher programme (GTP) and its successor Teach Direct. In addition he is following the experiences of non-specialist Latin teachers in two secondary schools in Sussex and Norfolk. He has a particlar interest in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Classics education. He holds a grant from the charity Classics for All to develop CPD resources for non-specialist Latin teachers and is currently writing a book for Bloomsbury Academic provisionally entitled 'Starting to Teach Latin'. In addition to his PGCE role, he currently works at a secondary school in Cambridge.

  • Classics Education
  • Pedagogy, language, Arts and Culture research group (PLACE)

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Chief Interests

  • Making Classical languages teaching and learning inclusive
  • Developing pupils' inferential skills from written evidence and material cutlure
  • Extra-mural Classics - on site and in the museum
  • ICT in teaching Latin language and literature, especially teachers' developing pedagogies in using the digital resources of the Cambridge Latin Course and Virtual Reality
  • Teacher training in Classics

Current Research Project(s)

  • Latin and Greek in the Primary school
  • Communicative approaches to the teaching of Latin and Ancient Greek
  • Non-specialist Latin teachers

Prospective PhD Applications

Steve is not accepting applications from potential research students.

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Course Involvement

Secondary PGCE

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Recent Publications

Hunt, S. and Bulwer, J. (2022 forthcoming). Classics in Schools Around the World: an international survey. (London, Bloomsbury).

Hunt, S. (2021 forthcoming). Teaching Latin; contexts, theories and practices. (London, Bloomsbury)

Lloyd, M. and Hunt, S. (2021 forthcoming). Communicative Approaches to Teaching Classical Languages. (London, Bloomsbury).

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Hunt, S. (2018). Latin is Not Dead: Communicative Approaches to Teaching Latin in the US (pp. 89-108), in Holmes-Henderson, A., Hunt, S. and Musie, M. (Eds.) (2018). Forward with Classics. (London, Bloomsbury Academic). 

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Hunt, S. (2008) 'ICT and the Teaching of Latin Literature' in (ed.) B. Lister, Meeting the
Challenge: International Perspectives on the Teaching of Latin, CUP, Cambridge.

Invited lectures, seminars and workshops

Steve has received invitations to speak at many events by Classics organisations both in the UK and abroad. Please see his website for further details.