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Arathi Sriprakash


University Lecturer, Sociology of Education


Joint Editor, International Studies in Sociology of Education

Member of the Board, Comparative Education

Member of the Board, Race, Ethnicity and Education

Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney

Director of Studies (Education), Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223767512


  • PhD Sociology of Education (Cambridge)
  • MPhil Politics Democracy and Education (Cambridge)
  • Bachelor of Teaching (Honours) (University of Melbourne)
  • Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne)

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My research is centrally concerned with the transnational politics and practice of education reform. I am particularly interested in how matters of inequality and difference are contested in relation to agendas of international development and national progress. This has been reflected in my sociological work on education policy relating to pedagogy and assessment in the Indian context, as well as more recent research on state reforms of childhood and the family. I have also examined how ideas about equality are reworked through education policy, curriculum, and practice in the Australian and Chinese contexts.

I am currently developing work that draws on postcolonial and historical perspectives to understand contemporary difference and inequality in education, specifically concerning race and ethnicity.

I currently co-convene the Decolonising Curriculum in Theory and Practice seminar series at CRASSH.

Academic Area/Links

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Research Topics

  • Sociology of education and education policy
  • Globalisation and internationalisation
  • Education and international development
  • Postcolonial theory, southern theories, critical race and gender theories

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  • Postgraduate
    • PhD Supervision
    • MPhil Education, Globalisation and International Development
  • Undergraduate
    • Education Studies Tripos: Sociology papers, Prelim, Part I and Part II
    • Education Studies Tripos: Modernity and Globalisation
    • Education Studies Tripos: Education, Inclusion and Diversity

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Principal and Recent Publications


Hopkins, L. and Sriprakash, A. eds. (2015). The ‘Poor Child’: the cultural politics of education, development and childhood. London, Routledge.

Sriprakash, A. (2012). Pedagogies for Development: the politics and practice of child-centred education in India. Dordrecht, Springer.

Connell, R.W., Welch, A., Bagnell, N., Vickers, M., Hayes, D., Sriprakash, A., and Proctor, H. (2014). Education, Change and Society (Third Edition). Melbourne, Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles

Sriprakash, A., Qi, J., and Singh, M. (2016) The uses of equality in an elite school in India: enterprise and merit. British Journal of Sociology of Education. DOI: 10.1080/01425692.2016.1218754

Gerrard, J., Rudolph, S., and Sriprakash, A. (2016) The politics of post-qualitative inquiry: history and power. Qualitative Inquiry DOI: 10.1177/1077800416672694

Sriprakash, A., Proctor, H., and Hu, B. (2015). Visible Pedagogic Work: parenting, private tutoring, and educational advantage in Australia. Discourse: studies in the cultural politics of education. OnlineFirst.

Sriprakash, A. and Mukhopadhyay, R. (2015) Reflexivity and the Politics of Knowledge: educational researchers as ‘brokers’ and ‘translators’ of international development. Comparative Education. vol 51, no 2, pp 231-246.

Loughland, A. and Sriprakash, A. (2014) Bernstein Revisited: the recontextualisation of equity in contemporary Australian school education. British Journal of Sociology of Education.

Sriprakash, A., Possamai, A., and Brackenreg, E. (2014). Cosmopolitan tensions: Religious diversity in an Australian university. A E R (Australian Educational Researcher), vol 41 no 3, pp 227-242.

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Turner, B.S., Halse, C. and Sriprakash, A. (2011) Cosmopolitanism: religion and kinship among young people in South Western Sydney. Journal of Sociology Online First.

Sriprakash, A. (2011) The contributions of Bernstein’s sociology to educational development research. British Journal of Sociology of Education vol 32 no 4, pp 521-539.

Mukhopadyay, R. and Sriprakash, A. (2011) Global frameworks, local contingencies: policy translations and educational development. Compare: a Journal of Comparative and International Education vol 41 no 3, pp 311-326.

Sriprakash, A. (2011) Being a teacher in contexts of change: classroom reforms and the repositioning of teachers’ work in India. Contemporary Educational Dialogue vol 8 no 1, pp 5-31.

Sriprakash, A. (2010) Child-centred education and the promise of democratic learning: Pedagogic messages in rural Indian primary schools. International Journal of Educational Development vol 30 no 3, pp 297-304.

Sriprakash, A. (2009) ‘Joyful Learning’ in Rural Indian Primary Schools: an analysis of social control in the context of child-centred discourses. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education vol 39, no 5, pp 629-641.

Book Chapters

Gerrard, J & Sriprakash, A. (2016) Postcolonialism, Gender and Education. In: Peters, M (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy. Dordrecht: Springer

Sriprakash, A. and Proctor, H. (2014) ‘Social Class and Education’ in Connell, R.W., et al. Education, Change and Society (Third Edition). Melbourne, Oxford University Press.

Proctor, H. and Sriprakash, A. (2014) ‘School Systems and School Choice’ in Connell, R.W., et al. Education, Change and Society (Third Edition). Melbourne, Oxford University Press.

Sriprakash, A. and Possamai, A. (2011) Hindu nationalism, neo-liberalism, and ‘development’ in India. In: Barbalet, J., Possamai., and Turner, B. Religion and the State: From Deprivatisation to Securitisation, and From Pietism to Consumerism, London, Anthem Press.

Creative Works and Commentary

Sriprakash, A. and Loughland, A. (2014) 'Testing Democracy: NAPLAN produces culture of compliance' in The Conversation.

Sriprakash, A. (2013) Dallas Fort Worth (original poetry) Antipodes: a global journal of Australian and New Zealand Literature. vol 27 no 1 p 79.