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Liz Winter


Kazakhstan Project Development Officer

E-mail Address


  • PhD (Leicester University)
  • BSc (Leicester University)
  • BSc (Manchester University)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • British Psychological Society (CPsychol)
  • Committee Member of the Division of Academics and Researchers in Psychology (DART-P) of BPS
  • Book Reviews Editor and reviewer for Psychology Teaching Review (BPS Publication)
  • External Examiner for Certificate of Higher Education at University of York

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Liz is a social psychologist concerned with social identity effects to explain under-representation of certain social groups in specified domains such as: women in technology; women in sport; and some social groups in Higher Education. Liz started her professional life with 10 years working in engineering by using and teaching mathematical modelling software for structural analysis purposes. Hence, an interest in atypical careers for women and teaching conceptually challenging materials to practitioners has long standing and personal relevance. Liz likes both quantitative and qualitative methods and is happy to use either as fits purpose. Despite a background in modelling the physical world through number, she champions Social Constructionism at a psychological level as offering a particularly good framework to conduct social identity research.

Whilst performing the co-ordinator's task for Psychology and Education at Cambridge, Liz also ran an open-access Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology with adult learners at University of Leicester for many years and is a tutor on a similar programme at Oxford University. This means teaching Psychology to atypical undergraduate students to embrace Widening Participation in HE. Again, issues of feature-based self-definition in terms of likely success at a task come into play. Her most recent and current post is the curriculum design of a Master's programme in Education for the new Graduate School of Education in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Academic Area/Links

Academic research group

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Research Topics

  • Transitions of social cognition in adolescence.
  • How social factors influence self-concept and performance of stereotyped tasks.
  • Widening participation in the study of Psychology.
  • Curriculum design within European HE programmes for teachers' professional development and the inclusion of the Bologna Process in this

Current Research Projects

Kazakhstan Projects:

  • Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education Project (GSE)
  • Internationalisation and Education Reform in Kazakhstan Research Project (IERK)

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  • Postgraduate
    • MPhil and MEd in Psychology and Education
    • MEd Perspectives in Education
  • Undergraduate
    • R & I supervisor for BEd

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Selected Publications

In preparation

Mace-Nazina, E., and Winter, L. (2012) 'The social construction of a migrant’s identity to satisfy self and others in adolescence'.

Winter, L., Colley, A., and Maltby, J. (2011) 'Gender differences in: celebrity role models versus parental influence as predictors for sports participation'.

Journal Articles

Winter, L. (2010) Widening participation in psychology education: Student perspectives through analysis of interviews on how an interest in psychology may be met for as many as possible, Psychology Teaching Review, 16 (1), 84-97.

Thabet, A., Ibraheem, A., Shivram, R., Winter, E., and Vostanis, P. (2009) Parenting support and PTSD in children of a war zone. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 55(3), 226-237.
Colley, A., Berman, E. and van Millingen (previous surname), L. (2005) Age and gender differences in young people’s perceptions of sport participants, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 35, 7, 1440-1454.

Conference Presentations

Winter, L., Colley, A., and Maltby, J. (2010) Poster presentation entitled Feeling 'sporty'? How well-know sports men and women motivate young people in sport at The BPS Social Psychology Division Conference, University of Winchester, 7-9 September 2010

Winter, E.A. and Stevenson, K. (2009). BPS Annual Conference: Symposium on theme of Psychology and Social Disadvantage. Paper entitled 'An analysis of interviews with students and staff regarding their views on why applications from WP students have reduced' delivered 2nd April 2009.