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Post and Mailing

Outgoing post can be left either in the Ground Floor post room (opposite Reception) in DMB or in the first floor social area pigeonholes. It is collected for franking around 16.00 (Royal Mail collection around 17.30).

Please separate outgoing mail from internal post (into the separate pigeon holes) and use airmail stickers or an airmail word stamp for all overseas mail (sheets of stickers available from Reception).

Faculty / Homerton / UMS (University Mailing Service) post may also be left in the Post Room or in the appropriate pigeonholes in the Staff/PhD students’ social area on the First Floor.


Incoming post is distributed via pigeonholes located in the following areas:


All requests for delivery by Courier service should be routed via Reception. They can give advice on who to use and will log deliveries so that invoices can be correctly coded.

Stamps for personal post

Booklets of first- and second-class stamps for personal use are available for sale at Finance. Please note that personal mail cannot be franked by Reception.

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The Faculty is eligible for discounts of 4-5p per 2nd class item on postage for the following collections:

Please inform reception in advance if you are planning a mailing which you think might be eligible for a discount.

If you are sending out a mailing which is additional to the normal amount of post leaving the building, you should make the following arrangements giving at least 14 days notice:

Failure to adhere to these procedures may delay your mailing and inconvenience colleagues.