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Finance and Purchasing

Advice and Guidance

For advice and guidance on all aspects of Finance in the Faculty of Education please contact the finance team

Philip Vale 67617

Gosia Prejbisz 67620

You can find us in the Donald McIntyre Building in room 3S30.

What do you want to do?

Claim back expenses...

Make a booking... (eg. flights/ places at conferences) Purchase items (eg. books/ supplies) Request services (eg. transcriptions)...

Request payment in advance for overseas trips...

Arrange University travel Insurance for overseas business trips...

Claiming For Expenses

Travel or mileage, subsistence, accommodation and other expenses.

1. Do you have a budget code? And authorisation from the budget holder?

2. Do your expenses meet University regulations and procedures?

3. If you are claiming mileage for a business journey, ensure you have completed your annual vehicle declaration and sent to the finance office.

4. Do you have relevant receipts, tickets or confirmation of payments?

5. Complete the appropriate form, sign and ask the budget holder to authorise your claim, and send to the finance team.

Requesting A Purchase Order

A purchase order is vital for all purchases or bookings, for example, flights, accommodation, places at conferences, equipment or transcription services.

1. Do you have a budget code? And authorisation from the budget holder?

2. Do you know which supplier you want to order from? The University has a list of preferred suppliers of goods and services.

3. Do you know how much this is going to cost? And does this agree with the University's purchasing regulations?

4. Check whether you need to obtain quotations by checking the table below.

For purchases that are not of low value and not from a preferred supplier, the value of the purchase should be assessed and the following financial regulations must be applied:

Total Value (before VAT)
Procedure for inviting offers
Framework Contracts Marketplace Other purchases
<£1,000 Follow procedures recommended by Procurement Services for the contract. Only the price from the Marketplace is required. Written price confirmation.
£1,000 - £25,000 Three Written Quotes.
>£25,000 - £50,000
Three Written Quotes or three Written Proposals, depending on complexity, risk and value of the purchase (see the guidance in Procurement Procedures).
Three Tender Submissions.
Procurement Services must be consulted/involved and agree the most appropriate procurement method.
EU Thresholds (updated biennially) as at January 2012
>£173,934 (goods and services)
>£4,348,350 (works)
EU Tenders managed through Procurement Services.

5. Complete a requisition form and send to the finance team.  You will receive a copy of the purchase order when this has been completed.

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Payments In Advance For Business Trips Abroad

With the permission of the budget holder, employees may request advance payments of their expected costs of travel and subsistence whilst on University business abroad.  You must submit the request of your advance at least 3 weeks prior to the date of travel. Your advance will be paid as a cheque.

1. Do you have authorisation from the budget holder?

2. Estimate the cost of your expenditure and calculate the total you require in GBP.

3. Complete the advance payment form ensuring you detail the reason for your request and ask the budget holder to authorise before sending to the finance office. 

4. When you return to the Faculty you must submit a claim detailing the expenses incurred on your trip and with all receipts attached. Should your actual expenditure be more than the advance received, you can request a cheque for the difference.  If you spent less than the advance, you must submit a cheque for the difference. Please wait for the finance team to confirm this amount before you write your cheque.

Travel Insurance For Employees

The University offers free comprehensive travel insurance for employees travelling on University business and members of supervised departmental fieldtrips. To benefit simply register your trip on-line or contact the Insurance Office for more details:

Telephone: (3)32216

For guidance on all aspects on insurance please consult the Finance Division Insurance Section website.