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Faculty Staff

Faculty Governance

The Faculty is an institution within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our mission is to pursue excellence in teaching and research to the benefit of our students, academics and wider society. With a diverse range of subject expertise, a thriving postdoctoral community and almost a two thousand students, the Faculty of Education is one of the largest groups of educational
researchers and teacher educators in the country.

Senior Leadership Team

Geoff Hayward

Head of Faculty
image of staff member

Jan Vermunt

Deputy Head of Faculty
image of staff member

Anna Vignoles

Director of Research
image of staff member

Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges

Director of ITT and UG Programmes
image of staff member

Pauline Rose

Director, International Initiatives
image of staff member

Kate Allen

Secretary of
the Faculty
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Faculty policies on Risk Management, Information Compliance (including Freedom of Information,
Data Protection and Data Filing) and Copyright can be found on the Policies and Procedures page.