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Faculty buildings

Human Resources

For advice and guidance on HR issues relating to all staff groups including guidance on the employment of additional staff, please contact Pauline Mason, HR Administrator in the first instance.

The University Human Resources Division website has full details of University policies and procedures, staff handbooks and guidance that are followed by the Faculty.

Staff Contracts and Payment

The Faculty is comprised of various staff groups who may be on fixed-term or permanent contract.

Induction & Probation

Induction materials for new staff will be sent to the relevant supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that an appropriate induction takes place for the new member of staff. All new staff and visitors will be given the opportunity to attend an induction session at the Faculty and the University. Staff will be invited to follow the University online induction.

All staff have a probationary period and the HR Administrator will contact the relevant line manager/supervisor regarding the end of probationary period one month before its end.

Salary Payments for Monthly Staff

Paid Staff Credits will be lodged with the bank accounts of individuals on the 26th of every month unless the date is a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday, in which case payment will be made on the closest preceding working day.

From 3 September 2012 the default mechanism for receiving payslips will be online via the University’s Employee Self-Service facility. If you wish to receive hard-copy payslips please contact the CHRIS helpdesk.

The introduction of online payslips is part of a wider move to give the University’s staff greater control of their personal records and payroll details via Employee Self-Service (ESS). The first phase of this has been implemented and enables staff to:

In future, P60 forms will also be included and stored online via ESS, thus avoiding the need to request the information from payroll for tax returns.

ESS is accessible through the CHRIS webpages (a RAVEN login is required). The weblink is below:

Overtime for Assistant Staff

Assistant staff overtime needs to be agreed in advance with your supervisor or line manager and will be compensated according to the University agreed rates. You will also need to agree in advance with your line manager whether it is appropriate (relative to the operational needs of the area of work) for the time to be compensated as time in lieu or as payment. See the HR website for full details.

Overtime forms are available from Pauline Mason and should be completed to claim either time in lieu or payment of overtime.

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There is guidance available for staff considering taking on consultancy work and issues relating to conflicts of interest, the difference between consultancy and collaborative research and consultancy contracts on the University web pages.

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Visiting Scholars

Please check the visiting scholar guidance for advice and information on how to host visitors to the faculty.  The faculty contact for further advice is Susannah Lacon.

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Child Protection Policy and Code of Practice

The Faculty aims to adopt the highest possible standards and take all reasonable steps in relation to the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

The University child protection policy can be found at All staff, students, visitors and volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults will be required to apply for an enhance disclosure with the Criminal Records Bureau.

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Support and Services

Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service comprises both a Student Counselling Service (which also offers limited support to staff with College contracts) and a Staff Counselling Service. The information on this page applies to both Services. The Service is open throughout the year except for periods at Christmas and Easter although reception hours are sometimes reduced outside of term time. The Staff Counselling Service is available free of charge to all employees of the University: academic, academic related, assistant, research and technical. The Service has three professionally trained, BACP accredited, and widely experienced Staff Counsellors who are used to helping people from many different backgrounds and cultures and with a wide range of personal issues.

Telephone: 01223 332865



Dignity at Work/ Harassment

The Faculty of Education adheres to the University’s Policy on Bullying and Harassment.

The Faculty of Education’s Dignity at Work Contacts are Colleen McLaughlin and Pauline Mason.

Occupational Health

The University Occupational Health Service role is

Occupational Health Service, Fenner’s, Gresham Road, Cambridge.
Phone 36597. Weblink:

Staff may self refer to Occupational Health or be referred by the Faculty ( in consultation with the staff member).

Equal Opportunities

Details of the Equal Opportunities policy are available at:

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Leave and Absence from Work

Annual leave for all staff

All staff should bear in mind that their leave entitlement includes statutory public holidays and Faculty closures. Your leave entitlement will be set out in your contract of employment. If unsure please check the University’s HR website or contact the HR Administrator. All staff are required to keep a record of annual leave taken. A leave card is available from the HR Administrator. Assistant Staff are issued with a leave card and leave needs to be discussed in advance with and approved by your supervisor or line manager.

Doctor, dental and hospital appointments

It is ideal if full-time staff can make appointments before or after work, or during a lunch break. However, it is recognised that sometimes these will occur during work hours, in which case time taken off should be made up. It is not usually possible to determine when hospital appointments will be arranged. These are honoured by the Faculty, but you should notify your line manager as soon as possible.

Sickness absence

All staff are required to report absence due to sickness. Please advise either your line manager or the HR Administrator as soon as practicable, but preferably on the first day, the reason for your absence. On or before your return to work you must submit a Sickness Self Certificate (which will be sent to you on notification of your absence) to cover any sickness that has lasted for up to seven calendar days in a row. If the sickness lasts longer than seven days you must submit a doctor's statement, or statements, to cover all further absence.

Compassionate leave

Paid compassionate leave is normally only granted in special circumstances, for instance when a close relative, e.g. child, parent, spouse, is very seriously ill or in very urgent need of help through unforeseen circumstances. Please contact the HR Administrator for further advice

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Full details of entitlements are on the University website; please also contact the HR Administrator for advice.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Recent years have seen some severe weather conditions which have adversely affected the ability of staff to travel to and attend work. The University's Adverse Weather Policy outlines the responsibilities of staff and managers when considering attendance at work during adverse weather conditions, and the appropriate procedures to be followed. This policy applies to all staff and is designed to promote fairness and consistency in the treatment of staff throughout the University during bad weather conditions.


Academic staff are eligible to apply for study leave as detailed in the Leave of Absence Procedures.

Sabbatical leave frees staff from teaching and administrative commitments to enable them to concentrate on their research and scholarship 'during one term for every six terms of service' while continuing to receive full pay. Staff are required to produce a report on the work carried out during their sabbatical, for submission to their institutional Head soon after the end of their leave.

Sabbatical leave is a critically important element of the time available to members of the Faculty for their research, and so the way in which the leave is planned to contribute to one’s overall research plans will also be a major consideration. It is important that those granted leave should have their normal teaching responsibilities covered and that careful thought should be given to the identification of suitable people to be employed for replacement teaching.

Applications for study leave must be formally approved by the General Board at least two terms in advance (or up to a year in advance) and the Faculty needs at least a term for the request to be considered and approved by Faculty Board.

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Staff Review and Development

The Faculty’s Staff Review and Development (SRD) scheme is focussed on facilitating and supporting career development in the interests both of the Faculty and of the individual member of staff. The scheme offers opportunities for discussing ways in which an individual’s work can be developed and ways in which difficulties and obstacles to progress might be removed.

The University’s basic framework for SRD specifies that all staff should be included in a Faculty scheme. While no one will be forced to participate, all staff are strongly encouraged to take part and to view SRD as an opportunity for taking stock and for constructive review of their progress.

There will be no prescribed cycle for Review but it is recommended that staff seek a Review Meeting every 18-24 months. As a reminder, all staff will receive a memo each year stating the date of their last Review Meeting and when their next Review might be expected to take place.

Completed SRD forms will be kept on the Faculty central personal file.

A copy of the Guidance relating to the Staff Review and Development Scheme can be obtained from the Secretary of the Faculty or on the Academic Forms section of this website.

Staff Development Programmes

The University runs a full programme of free training courses, to book in advance, contact or telephone (3)32343.

Assistant staff should discuss development opportunities with their supervisor or line manager in the first instance. Applications for Faculty funding for staff development should be made to the Staff Development Coordinator (Pauline Mason) in advance and should be supported by the Line Manager

The Computing Services Division of the University runs separate courses for staff and students. For further details of courses and booking information, visit their website.

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Travelling to Work

Information on Travelling to work can be found in the general section of the policies and procedures page.

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Recruitment and Vacancies

All vacancies in the Faculty, regardless of source of funding and length of appointment MUST in all circumstances be discussed in advance with the HR Administrator or the Secretary of the Faculty. Further guidance is also available on the HR website .

It is essential that the Faculty comply with University guidelines and legal requirements in relation to recruitment.

Current vacancies

Details of all current vacancies in the University are available at For current vacancies in the Faculty go to