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Leadership for Learning

A vibrant network dedicated to leadership, learning and their inter-connection.

Leadership. Learning. Two ideas at the heart of education. Both are complex, open to widely differing interpretations and the subject of continuing debate among academics, policymakers and practitioners. The LfL network is concerned with both concepts and particularly with their connection, seeking to understand and share knowledge about leadership in education that supports learning.

Cover of the 2016-2017 Leadership for Learning ReportThe 2017 Annual Report offers an overview of our recent work and current focus and reach. Read online or download as a PDF.

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New Publication

Strengthening the Connections between Leadership and Learning

By John MacBeath, Neil Dempster, David Frost, Greer Johnson, Sue Swaffield

Strengthening the connectionExamining a decade of research and practice, this book makes the case for a radical reappraisal of leadership, learning and their interrelationship in educational policy. Discussing whether policy direction is progressively constraining the professionalism and initiative of teachers and school leaders, it challenges conventional understanding and argues the case for thinking differently about the way to lead learning.

Based on the Leadership for Learning (LfL) Project, the book clarifies, extends and refines LfL principles and practices, and their contribution to ameliorating some of the difficult conditions encountered in the contemporary educational policy environment. It starts by discussing the direction and influence of current education policy and its subsequent consequences; chapters then move on to explore the framing values informing the LfL Projects, particularly focusing on what they imply for commitments to social justice, children’s rights and breadth in student learning, and considering how to create favourable conditions for learning.

Identifying a disconnect between seminal principles and the nature of day-to-day practice, Strengthening the Connections between Leadership and Learning challenges school policy and practice at national and local levels. It is an essential read for postgraduate students, especially those in leadership in education, as well as for teachers and policymakers in schools.

Find this book on Routledge.


LfL Supper Seminar - Chutes and Ladders: Supports and Challenges to Teacher Leadership Development, by Philip E. Poekert, Ph.D.

The development and practice of teacher leadership is directly aided and inhibited by the conditions for learning that exist within a school setting and the policy context in which it operates. The seminar draws on the creation of the Teacher Leadership for School Improvement graduate degree program at the University of Florida and the subsequent theoretical model for teacher leadership development that emerged from its implementation in contexts across the State. Noting that external support from a university and philanthropy were key facilitators, the presentation entertains the question: if external support seems necessary, what hope do we have of institutionalizing teacher leadership within schools?

This event will take place on Wednesday the 7th of March 2018, 5pm-7pm at the Faculty of Education. All welcome. Free to attend. Refreshments served. Please email: to register.

External evaluation reports for 2016 and 2017 on the Florida Teacher Leader Fellowship are available here: 2016 Report, 2017 Report.

Philip Poekert, Alex Alexandrou and Darbianne Shannon's 2016
article 'How teachers become leaders: an internationally validated theoretical model of teacher leadership development' was published in the journal 'Research in Post-Compulsory Education' Vol 20, issue 4, pages 307-329

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