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PPD Communities

Seminar students

Professionals from a school or group of schools who are working together on enquiry linked to a school or schools development plan will attend group supervisions. Individuals who are interested in similar projects or who are carrying out similar enquiry work may also be brought together for some joint sessions where appropriate. 

As a registered student of the Faculty of Education you will be entitled to attend any Faculty events that support your work in school, for example:

  • presentations given by Faculty teaching staff, researchers, invited guests or doctoral students;
  • presentations about and in-depth discussions of aspects of methodology characteristic of research within a particular field;
  • student-led activities carried out in research groupings;
  • student presentations (about their own work and the research, enquiry and/or school development activity of other working in related areas);
  • group supervisions

Partnership Initiatives

The Faculty has a history of developing and running courses in partnership with schools, colleges, local authorities and other organisations around the eastern region in order to address local needs directly.  These joint initiatives play a key role in the development of the Faculty's strategy for PPD and in fostering productive relationships with the educational community.  We are always pleased to discuss new partnership initiatives  that will enable the Faculty to extend its contribution to practitioner development and school, college or institutional improvement.  If you would like to discuss these possibilities further please contact us at