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Dewey Conference 2016: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that your questions are answered below. If not, please contact us.

Q: Are full-text papers required to be submitted for the conference?
A: Full-text papers are not required; you are only asked to present. If your presentation is in support of a paper, you may wish to bring printed copies to share with attendees to your session.

Q: What are the guidelines for presenting my paper?
A: The Steering Committee are keen to maximise time for discussion as being of value for presenters and audience. We suggest that you could plan to take less than the allotted time for your paper, and perhaps to end with one or two key questions which you would like participants to respond to. The session chair will agree with presenters on the approach to questions – specifically, whether they would like to take questions on each paper separately, or whether to combine question time into a extended discussion of all.

Q: What AV equipment will be available for presenting my paper?
A: All rooms will have interactive whiteboards connected to PCs with standard software for presentations, audio and video. In addition, there is the facility to plug laptops into the whiteboards and speakers. We recommend that you bring any visuals etc. on a memory stick, identify your room well in advance of your programmed session, upload your material before the session starts, saving them to the desktop and minimising them ready for your own presentation – this will reduce changeover time. When full details are sent in early September, please check that your files are made compatible with systems here before you arrive.

Q: What is the conference app?
A: A dedicated app is being created for the Conference, which will allow smartphone and tablet users to access the conference programme and abstracts, and allow them to create a personalised programme. It will remain up-to-date with latest programme changes. Further information on the app, and the link to download it, will be sent out in due course.

Q: The programmes says that Saturday afternoon is dedicated to 'unstructured time for the pursuit of shared goals'. What does this mean?
A: We have designed the conference to focus on pragmatic action as well as educational theory. The practitioner sessions on the Thursday are one aspect of this, the Saturday afternoon session is another. We are hoping that ideas for mutual exploration and collaboration will emerge during the conference will emerge, and that some - or many - delegates will be inspired to spend Saturday afternoon taking these forward. We do not propose to lead any session formally; quite simply, we will make time, space and facilities available. In addition, we have engaged four Conference Assistants who will be committed to the sharing of emerging ideas during the conference, both among participants and more widely. On the Saturday they will share some of these emerging ideas as one way of catalysing these discussions. We would welcome participants input into the shape and direction of this session at any stage.