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We have three fabulous workshops available this year. Space is limited, so if you have registered for the conference, please follow the link in your email to sign up to the workshops.

Workshops 28 May, 11:30 a.m.

Systematic Reviewing Methods for Educational Research – lessons learnt from ‘teacher knowledge’ project


Sue Brindley
Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Ruth Kershner
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

Manzoorul Abedin
Postdoctoral Researcher
Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

The workshop is designed for postgraduate researchers and practitioners interested in learning about the purpose, rationale and challenges of conducting systematic reviews. The workshop is built around our recent working experience from the project ‘Teacher Knowledge: a systematic review of trends across two decades of research.’ As an outcome of the project we have created a merged database and uploaded it to a website, which will be demonstrated to participants used as a model for the participants. The workshop will focus on the systematic review methods that we have used to identify, collate, and systematically organise empirical evidence on ‘teacher knowledge’ using explicit, transparent and replicable methods. Activities include short presentations, small group work and discussions covering the entire systematic review process – problem formulation, data collection, data evaluation, data analysis and display. Participants in the workshop will have an opportunity to register their names and contribute to the ‘teacher knowledge’ website before it is open to public use later this year.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

• Identify and structure a systematic review topic in their own area
• Describe the steps for conducting a comprehensive literature search and gathering relevant studies
• Develop a coding protocol for extracting relevant information from included studies
• Interpret and report the results of a systematic review
• Have a working knowledge of the tools and resources necessary for conducting a systematic review
• Reflect constructively on the challenges and potential dilemmas that can arise in any systematic review

Materials provided

• Each participant receives a paper and/or electronic copy of (1) the summary of the lecture portions of the workshop, (2) the activity sheet on different phases of the systematic review, (3) scenarios and questions to be used during the small group critique portions, (4) Checklist of systematic review process, (5) References for further reading

Number of Participants

• 30 (maximum). If participants are interested to receive electronic copies of the workshop materials beforehand, they are requested to contact

Torn between Expectations and Imagination: A Discussion of Alternative Forms of Communicating Educational Research


Yanyue (Selena) Yuan, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
James Underwood, Principle Lecturer, School of Education, University of Northampton

Key words: alternative forms of presenting research, arts-based methodologies, practitioner research

While few educational researchers are still following a purely positivist mode, the style and format of reporting research are still, in many cases, confined within scientific reporting formats. Scholars, especially novice researchers, can be constrained by expectations set by their institutions. Even so, recent decades have seen attempts at weaving imaginative visions and emotional touches into educational research.

Selena and James are both enticed by the promise of communicating educational research in creative ways. They will each bring into this discussion their perspectives, informed respectively by arts-based methodologies and practitioner research. After presenting a survey of alternative forms of communicating Master’s and doctoral level studies in the field of education (ranging from drama, fiction, film and design projects) they will invite all participants to a roundtable discussion about the prospect of alternative forms of communicating educational research and strategies to liberate ourselves from restrictions while still producing high-quality research.

Workshop 29 May, 3:15 p.m.

Talk, and Listen… to Ourselves: A Collective Experiment


Yanyue (Selena) Yuan, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

It is an experiment, a ritual about talking and listening.
No researchers. No participants.
Seated in a circle, around flickering flames of caring, we ‘perform’ a ritual in a primitive way.

Selena Yuan introduces her recent attempts to transcribe her recorded self-reflection, as a major part of an autopsychography on her post-submission experience. Selena will invite all participants to sit around in a circle as she facilitates a self-reflection session.