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13th Teaching and Language Corpora Conference

TALC 2018

Welcome to TaLC 13, welcome to the University of Cambridge! You can now check out our Conference Programme and follow the @TaLC2018 debate on Twitter here.

Download the TaLC 2018 Book of abstracts from our programme page.

The TaLC conferences offer an engaging platform for researchers, teachers, practitioners and software developers to share their ideas on how corpus resources and tools for analysis can be useful in/for language teaching, language learning and language education. They aim to promote classroom applications of language corpora, data-driven learning, as well as the creation of corpus- informed teaching materials and other resources, and foster discussion between practitioners, researchers and theorists from all over the world.

The previous TaLC conference took place at Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, in 2016.

TaLC 2018 is sponsored by Cambridge University Press


and John Benjamins

John Benjamins

Please visit our FB page and our Twitter account for updates and the very latest information. You can reach us here:


Previous TaLC conferences took place in the following cities and countries:

TaLC 12. Giessen, Germany. 2016.
TaLC 11. Lancaster, UK. 2014.
TaLC 10. Warsaw, Poland. 2012.
TaLC 9. Brno, Czech Republic. 2010.
TaLC 8. Lisbon, Portugal. 2008.
TaLC 7. Paris, France. 2006.
TaLC 6. Granada, Spain. 2004.
TaLC 5. Bertinoro, Italy. 2002.
TaLC 4. Graz, Austria. 2000.
TaLC 3. Oxford, UK. 1998.
TaLC 2. Lancaster, UK. 1996.
TaLC 1. Lancaster, UK. 1994.