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TALC 2018 Conference Programme

TALC 2018


This is TaLC 2018 Final Programme as of 18/07/2018. 

TaLC 2018 Book of Abstracts

Download the TaLC 2018 Book of abstracts pdf file.

Information for presenters

You have max. 20 minutes to present your paper and 5 minutes for discussion and questions. We need a 5-minute interval to make sure delegates can move to a different room for the next paper session. It is essential that we stick to this timing.

Information for 7/14 presenters

A 7/14 presentation session is a rapid-fire showcase of ideas, innovations, and theories. You have max. 7 minutes to present your paper. Question time and discussion is expected at the end of the session.

Information for posters presenters


There will be one poster session with about 16 posters on display in the Auditorium at MAB. Presenters can set up the poster during registration (Thursday 19) and remove it by the end of the day.  A maximum A1 size is required for both landscape (841mm x 594mm) and portrait (594mm x 841mm) posters. Presenters are requested to be present at the poster during the allocated poster session on the Conference programme on Thursday 19 July.