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Silvana Mareva


Research Assistant

E-mail Address



+ 44 (0)767600


  • MA Psychology (University of Edinburgh)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

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I am a research assistant for the Strand A project "What is Play?" at the Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDaL). My current research interests lie in studying the development of cognitive, social, and emotional skills in early childhood. I am also part of the 2015/2016 cohort of the Junior Researcher Programme, where my work explores the utility of mobile technologies as a tool for assessing Health-Related Quality of Life in real-time.

Academic Area/Links

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Research Topics

  • Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development
  • The role of Play in Early Development
  • Development of Working memory
  • The impact of late Second-Language Acquisition
  • Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life using mobile technologies

Current Research Project(s)

  • The role of play in early development
  • Assessing Health-Related Quality of Life using smartphone applications
  • Development of Visuo-spatial Rehearsal

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Principal and Recent Publications

Morey, C. C., Mareva, S., Lelonkiewicz, J. R., & Chevalier, N. (2017). Gazeā€based rehearsal in children under 7: a developmental investigation of eye movements during a serial spatial memory task. Developmental Science.

Ruggeri, K., Lind Andersen, T., Robbins, T. W., Folke, T. E. N., Schei, T. S., Matz, S. C., Müller, S. R., Mareva, S.,...& Zupan, Z. (2016). Insights for Impact. University of Cambridge., ISBN: 2398-8932

Mareva, S., Thomson, D., Marenco, P., Estal Muñoz, V., Ott, C. V., Schmidt, B.,& Kassianos, A. P. (2016). Study Protocol on Ecological Momentary Assessment of Health-Related Quality of Life Using a Smartphone Application. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1086.