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Daniel Moulin-Stozek


University Lecturer

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223 767642


  • DPhil (University of Oxford)
  • MSc (University of Oxford)
  • MEd (University of Exeter)
  • PGCE (University of Bristol)
  • BA (University of Nottingham)

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Associate Fellow, Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, University of Warwick
  • Assistant Editor, Journal of Beliefs and Values
  • Associate member, International Seminar on Religion and Values in Education
  • Member, Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

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I engage with empirical and philosophical questions concerning religions and education, values and moral education and cognate areas. I have used a variety of disciplinary approaches to interrogate long-standing and contemporary problems in these broad and contested fields. I am interested in fostering collaboration with scholars and practitioners working in similar areas of investigation and innovation, including prospective PhD candidates.

Academic Area/Links

  • Wellbeing and Inclusion Special Interest Group
  • Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research

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Research Topics

  • Philosophy of education
  • Philosophy of social sciences
  • Interreligious dialogue
  • Religious identity in adolescence
  • Moral/values/virtues education
  • Religious prejudices and religious tolerance
  • The educational thought of Leo Tolstoy
  • Religious education in schooling
  • Religious education in faith communities
  • Spirituality in education

Research Projects

  • Researching and promoting character education in Central and South American secondary schools (2015-2018). Funding support from Templeton World Charity Foundation.
  • Muslims and schooling in Europe: contemporary challenges and future directions (2016). Funding support from The Spalding Trust.
  • Using literature in interreligious dialogue (2013-2014). Funding support from the Foundation for Intercultural and Interreligious Research and Dialogue.
  • The educational philosophy of Leo Tolstoy (2012-2013). Funding support from the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain.
  • Interreligious dialogue in Somerville College Chapel (2012). Funding support from the Spalding Trust.

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  • Postgraduate
    • Doctoral Programme in Education (I welcome inquiries from prospective PhD candidates)
    • MEd Transforming Practice
    • PGCE Religious Studies
  • Undergraduate
    • Bachelor’s degree in Education (Critical Debates in Education)

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Recent Publications

Moulin-Stożek, D. (in press). “Pilgrims’ play on the Santiago Way” International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage.

Thoma, S., Walker, D., Chen, Y., Frichand, A., Moulin-Stożek, D. and Kristjánsson, K. (2019). “Adolescents’ application of the virtues across five cultural contexts” Developmental Psychology ( ahead of print).

Moulin-Stożek, D. (2019). ‘The social construction of character’ Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 49,1, 24-39.

Moulin-Stożek, D. (2019). ‘Five principles of Tolstoy’s educational thought’ in I. Medzhibovskaya, (ed) Tolstoy and His Problems: Views from the Twenty-First century. Illinois: Northwestern University Press, 158-169.

Moulin-Stożek, D. and Metcalfe, J. (2018). ‘Mapping the moral assumptions of multi-faith religious education’ British Journal of Religious Education ( ahead of print).

Moulin-Stożek, D. and Dulska, A. K. (2018). ‘Interreligious narratives and contra-religious aesthetics in the material culture of Navarra, Northern Spain’ Cross Currents 68, 3, 412-426.

Moulin-Stożek, D., de Irala, J., Beltramo, C. and Osorio, A. (2018). ‘Relationships between religion, risk behaviours and prosociality among secondary school students in Peru and El Salvador’ Journal of Moral Education 47, 4, 466-480.

Moulin-Stożek, D. and Gatty, F. (2018). ‘A house of prayer for all peoples? The unique case of Somerville College Chapel, Oxford’ Material Religion 14, 1, 83-114.

Moulin-Stożek, D. and Schirr, B. (2017). ‘Identification and disidentification in the reported schooling experiences of adolescent Muslims in England’ Oxford Review of Education 43, 5, 580-595.

Full list of Daniel Moulin-Stożek publications