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Pallawi Sinha


Postdoctoral Research Associate

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223 767641


  • PhD & MPhil at University of Cambridge
  • PGCE University of Essex

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Member of British Association for International and Comparative Education
  • Member of Research for Equitable Access and Learning
  • Member of New Anarchist Research Group
  • Member of Research Strategy Forum on ‘Education in Challenging Contexts’

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Pallawi joined the Faculty of Education as a postdoctoral research associate in February 2018. She is currently working on a qualitative study jointly funded by the British Academy and Department for International Development under Dr. Aarthi Sriprakash, examining the contexts, practices and costs of early childhood care and education in India to address culturally responsive models.

Prior to this role, Pallawi was engaged as a postdoctoral research by the Faculty of English on a study titled, Multilingualism and Multiliteracy: Raising learning outcomes in challenging contexts in primary schools across India. A mixed-methods, longitudinal study, it investigates the socioeconomic, geographical, cultural and linguistic contexts of 1800 children in 3 distinct states of India (namely Bihar, New Delhi and Hyderabad), and how these affect the delivery of quality multilingual education.

In addition, Pallawi completed her Postgraduate Certification for Education in 2009, which also engaged a mixed-methods research with children with learning difficulties and disabilities, for a period of two years. Pallawi has also taught the Access, Foundation and BA 1st -2nd Year courses in the Media and Creative Arts Department alongside volunteering to teach at the Adult Community College. Before becoming interested in the field of education, Pallawi was a practising artist and designer for twelve years.

Academic Area/Links

  • Race, Empire and Education
  • Arts and Creativities, and (hoping to be in) the Culture, Politics and Social Justice strand

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Research Topics

  • Early childhood, care and education; comparative and developmental education
  • indigenous and childhood studies; ethics in education and research
  • learning inequalities and politics of education; places and spaces of learning; arts, creativity and culture

Current Research Project(s)

  • Examining the contexts, practices and costs of early childhood care and education in India: responsive models for child development
  • ‘Multilingualism and Multiliteracy: Raising learning outcomes in challenging contexts in primary schools across India’

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Principal and Recent Publications

Sriprakash, A., Maithreyi, R., & Sinha, P (2018). Conference paper (to be published as an article) on, ‘The cultural politics of ‘parenting’: Developmentalism and Early Childhood Care and Education in India’, to be presented at the International symposium on the Family and the State at Martin Luther University, Germany, June 22nd-25th, 2018.

Sinha, P. (2017). Volume chapter (proof-read and returned to editors) on ‘Histories and philosophies of Indian art and design education’ in the International Encyclopaedia of Arts and Design Education, Wiley-Blackwell Publication.

Sinha, P. & Hickman, R. (2017). Article on ‘The Sabar Ways of Knowing: Sustainable ideas towards Educational Ecology’ in International Journal of Art and Design Education, [Article DOI: 10.1111/jade.12137].

Sinha, P. (2017) Article, ‘Listening Ethically to Indigenous Children: Experiences from India’ in International Journal of Inclusive Education, 21(3), 272-285.

Sinha, P. & Hickman, R. (2016). The Sabar Ways of Knowing through the Arts, Visual Arts Research, 41(1).

Hickman, R. & Sinha, P. (2016). ‘Adivasi aesthetic knowing: A duographic account’ in Journal of Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art, 5 (3), 317-328. doi: 10.1386/vi.5.3.317_1

Sinha, P. (2015). Emergent Education in the Homogenised World, Sustainable Futures: Making Connections. UK: UKFIET Publication.

Sinha, P. & Burke, C. (2014). The City as a Classroom and Street-children of New Delhi. In C. Burke & K. Jones (Eds.), Education, Childhood and Anarchism: Talking Colin Ward. pp. 33-45. Oxon, New York: Routledge.