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Arathi Sriprakash

Reader in Sociology

Member of the Board, Comparative Education

Member of the Board, International Studies in Sociology of Education

Member of the Board, Race, Ethnicity and Education

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+ 44 (0)1223767512

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My research and teaching is centrally concerned with the politics of social reform in and through education. I am particularly interested in how 'education' - whether an ideal, a practice, or an institution -  can govern and contest matters of inequality and difference. This has been reflected in my ethnographic work on education reform in the Indian and Australian contexts, as well as more recent research on state reforms of childhood and the family.

Animating my research is an abiding interest in the politics of knowledge. I am working on a project which draws on postcolonial historical sociology to examine the contested science of education and international development, particularly relating to theories of childhood. This work has been funded by a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship.

I am also co-writing a book called Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler-Colonial State. This work builds on ongoing collaborations with Sophie Rudolph and Jessica Gerrard (both at the University of Melbourne). We are examining how systems of racial domination in the settler colony of Australia are produced through ongoing educative efforts of the state – both in terms of formal education systems as well as through the public pedagogies of the nation.

I convene the Faculty of Education's Race, Empire and Education Research Collective, and co-convened the Decolonising Curriculum in Theory and Practice Research Group at CRASSH. Here are some of my thoughts on racism in the academy:

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  • Postgraduate
    • PhD Supervision
    • MPhil Education, Globalisation and International Development
  • Undergraduate
    • Education Studies Tripos: Sociology papers, Prelim, Part I and Part II

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Books and Edited Collections

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Gerrard, J. and Sriprakash, A. (Eds.) (2019) Migration, Borders and Education: International Sociological Inquiries. London: Routledge.

Selected Journal Articles

Sriprakash, A, Sutoris, P, Myers, K. (2019) The science of childhood and the pedagogy of the state: Postcolonial development in India, 1950s. Journal of Historical Sociology. 1– 15.

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Arathi Sriprakash

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