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Oaklands College - the Springfield Unit

We have been focussing on transition routes both into college, the support needed when on programme and developing effective transition routes from college onto new provision. We have written up information about taster, transition and link courses, highlighting their management and guidelines. We have also revised our pre-entry assessment documentation to try to capture as much information as possible to support the learner during the intitial stages of transition.We have illustrated, through individual case studies, some of the collaborative partnerships that have been developed to support students moving on. New transition portfolios have been developed, which the student has ownership of, to share with their current or future enablers.

They include information about what they have done at college, how they like to learn what has made them laugh or groan and what they would like to do after leaving college. This will be presented alongside their personal portfolio, which tries to capture what they have done in college during this academic year and their individual tracking documentation which describes their individual goals and short term targets.

We have also looked at how we describe and present information about next years curriculum and new cohorts of students and although work is still ongoing there will be a description of how we are moving towards greater inclusion describing methods and ways of working.

The embedding of inclusive technology into the curriculum has been more problematic. What we have struggled to achieve this year is the development of specialist knowledge needed to support the diverse range of individual learners needs, completing baseline assessments to inform future resource requirements and finding ways of acquiring specific equipment to enable full access to the curriculum. However what we hope to provide for the project is a description of what we have undertaken this year and what we hope to be able to achieve next year from a sector college perspective.