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Visiting Students

Students at Faculty

Before you apply

We welcome a very small number of visiting students to the Faculty of Education and visits are restricted to no longer than two months, approximately one term.

For your student visitor request to be considered you must ensure the following:

  1. You are a student who is registered for a degree at another institution;
  2. an academic member of the Faculty has already agreed to act as supervisor and
  3. there are existing professional links between the visiting student or their institution and the Faculty member.

How to apply

To apply, the Faculty would need to receive:

  • A completed Visiting Student Application Form;
  • A letter of recommendation from your current institution (supervisor or head of Department) and confirmation that this period of research is part of your degree overseas
  • A letter of support from the academic at the Faculty of Education who has agreed to act as your supervisor.

Please submit your application by email to at least 4 months before the proposed visit to ensure sufficient time for processing the application. Your application will be considered by the supervisor and their Academic Group , and the Director of Learning and Teaching. The application process takes approximately 6 weeks from the date on which we receive your application. If your application is approved, you will be sent an offer letter detailing the terms and conditions of your visit. You will be asked to return a signed copy of this letter to confirm that you will abide by the terms and conditions.  You will need to submit evidence that you have a valid visa prior to arrival. 

Visiting student fee

The fee for visiting students is £250 per month (+ VAT at the current rate). 

What we offer

  • A designated supervisor
  • A named administrator to contact with queries
  • Access to the Faculty library
  • Opportunities to attend research seminars and similar events open to all members of the Faculty and in exceptional circumstances attend the occasional teaching session (on the understanding that permission is granted by the lecturer)

Please note

Space at the Faculty is limited and we are not able to provide visiting students with personal desk space.  There are however a number of desks and places for quiet study in the Faculty library. You can also find further information about access to the University Library.

Please note

Visiting students are invited by the Faculty and there is therefore no college affiliation.  Supervisors are only able to offer support during university term times.

Your responsibilities

  • Finding your own accommodation
  • Ensuring you are on the appropriate visa for study. You must contact the International Student Team directly if you are unsure. If you are entering the UK for the purpose of study, entry can be supported under the visitor immigration route for non-visa nationals. The International Student office can provide guidance for international students on short time study.
  • Paying your travel and maintenance costs throughout your stay

Data protection

Please find information on how the University uses personal data.