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Graphic equalisers: Cambridge conference aims to widen the reach of comics from th...

5 July 2022

With its distinctive, homemade and often counter-cultural feel and common focus on social justice issues, there is much that connect...

Clashes of inference and perspective explain why children sometimes lose the plot ...

30 June 2022

Children who suddenly appear to lose the thread of an otherwise obvious conversation may be struggling to reconcile two essential co...

Faculty contributes analysis to world first in hologram patients

27 June 2022

Professor Riikka Hofmann at the Faculty of Education is leading analysis of a new way of teaching medical students at Addenbrookes H...


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University of Cambridge
Primary School

Celebrating the art of the possible

University of Cambridge Primary School

The UCPS opened in Sept. 2015 as the first university training school in the country and will soon become a large 3-form entry school.

As well as striving to be a brilliant primary school, it aspires to contribute to deep professional learning through building a research-informed culture and supports Initial Teacher Education to inspire future educators.

Find out more about the University of Cambridge Primary School