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What our students say about the BA in Education

  • What our students say about the BA in Education

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Student perspectives of the BA in Education

On this page you can read the views from some of our students about their personal experience on the Cambridge BA in Education degree course at the Faculty of Education.



The stuff you learn on this course is a really different sort of thing. You really get to know the theories and ideas and are constantly inspired to keep looking up the cool things the lecturers slip in in the lectures.

For example, we look into how we form our meanings from the things we read and watch by watching short clips or listening to stories and it really makes us see how miraculous our brain really is.

This course really makes you a more all rounded thinker; we learn to think like a sociologist, a psychologist, a historian and a philosopher amongst other things.

The concept of education is embedded into our lives in all forms; so if you like the idea of learning and being subject to more knowledge day after day, then you really should apply and you won’t regret it.

I am really looking forward to the Research project in the third year, because that will bridge the gap between us being just students to actually conducting the types of research our lecturers talk about.



I'd recommend it to both school leavers and anyone coming back into education after a break in study.

I chose Cambridge because I wanted to be in an environment where I would be surrounded by ambitious, driven and interesting people.

The unique supervision system allows you to really get to grips with the content of the course, and have a relationship with academics who specialise in the field - an opportunity you don't get elsewhere.

I really enjoy the diversity and breadth of what we study, and the flexibility within each module to focus on what you want to learn about.

This course is unique in terms of the amount and range of content on offer. The lecturers have a real knack of personalising the lectures and seminars in an engaging and interactive way.

If you are thinking of applying to Cambridge to study Education I would say go for it! Take the time to enjoy researching and really looking into the diversity of this course. You will love it.



I chose to apply to Cambridge quite simply because it was the course best suited for me.

I researched Education courses at other universities but a lot of the courses were geared towards the vocational side of education. Whilst I indeed might want to become a teacher, I wanted to spend three years studying the history and the philosophy of education, which this course offered.

I think the department is unique at Cambridge because the focus really is on the students. The staff are passionate about their subject, but they are passionate about helping the students, too.

There is so much change happening, and conversations are being had in government at the moment about the future of the education system. The research and arguments are all out there, so if you are thinking of applying to study Education I would recommend familiarising yourself with these - they are very interesting!

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