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Government ITT market review consultation

Initial teacher training (ITT) market review: full consultation response

18 August 2021

The University of Cambridge has submitted its response to the public consultation on the Government’s market review of Initial Teacher Training. This follows a general statement of concern about the proposals published on 6 July.

Read and download the University of Cambridge full consultation response

Our overall position remains that, while we support the objective of promoting consistently high-quality teacher training, we are deeply concerned that the proposals themselves would require us to adopt a model within which we could no longer guarantee the high standards we have achieved to date. The market review proposals appear to confuse quality with uniformity and conformity. We cannot, in all conscience, envisage our continuing involvement with ITT should the proposals be implemented in their current format.

We have called on the Government to halt the review, particularly given the fact that the consultation period itself has been much-reduced and occurred during the school holidays, limiting engagement. Instead of pushing ahead with these flawed proposals, representatives including university and school-based colleagues from a range of ITT programmes should be consulted in an open and transparent way, so that genuine challenges can be identified and addressed, drawing on national and international understanding and a wider range of research evidence of high-quality teacher education. We would welcome opportunities to work with the Government, alongside representatives of other providers, to help develop an alternative way forward.

This document highlights some of the key points raised in our response.

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