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News Guidelines - Submitting News

Information Required

  • Title
    • What the news is
  • Content
    • Two to five sentences
  • What to link to
    • Provision of all webpage links
  • Key date/urgency
    • A launch/publication date. Or can the item be kept for a slow week? If so, for how long?
  • Image
    • A relevant image or suggested kind of image to go with the news story.
      Image size must be 170px wide and 204px high.

Where to Send your Information

Please email your news item information (and image attachment if applicable) to: putting
"News Item Request"
    in the subject field.

Submitting News

What Constitutes Faculty Web News?…


  • Any Publication (journal article, book, research findings, etc)
  • The start of any major new project/phase in a project
  • Any new funding/grant award
  • The appearance by a member of research group on TV/Radio
  • Any external publicity – e.g. newspaper article
  • Not Seminar / Conference with external speakers as these feature prominently on home page and in Events


  • The launch of new courses (including when new PPD courses are put online)
  • Any major change to a course inc. to regulations (e.g. PGCE/MEd link)
  • Degree Results / Graduation ceremonies (e.g. to put up a news item which merely says congratulations).
  • The opening of courses for new applications
  • Any external (positive) reporting about – e.g. Guardian education ranking / OFSTED report


  • Guest lecturers / External Visitors
  • New appointments (lecturer upwards)
  • Changes to buildings (including disruptions)
  • Retirements / Obituaries
  • Any external publicity – e.g. newspaper article

Submitting information to the University website about Awards, Grants, Prizes

If you would like to submit details of an award, grant or prize to be included on a designated area University of Cambridge website, please fill out the form at