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Catherine Burke


Emerita Professor of the History of Education.

E-mail Address


  • BA (Hons) in History, University College, Cardiff
  • MEd (Networked Learning / Telematics) University of Sheffield
  • PhD in Social and Labour History, Sheffield Hallam University

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • History of Education Society, UK, President 2014-2017
  • British Educational Research Association (BERA)
  • RIBA Schools Forum
  • Editorial Board History of Education Journal

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Catherine Burke is Emerita Professor of the History of Education. She is an historian currently researching cultural and material histories of educational contexts and of childhood in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Her research examines the relationship between innovation in teaching and the design of formal and informal learning environments; the view of the child and young person in the design of education; the history of 20th century school architecture and its pioneers. A major focus of the research is bringing an historical awareness to current initiatives to 'transform' education via school building renewal.She has published widely on the history of school architecture, the participation of children in the design of school, as well as on contemporary school architecture. For many years she was editor of the Sources and Interpretations section of History of Education Journal and is currently, with Professor Jane Martin of the University of Birmingham, joint series editor of the Routledge Progressive Education series.

Catherine's book, A Life in Education and Architecture. Mary Beaumont Medd 1907-2005 published by Ashgate in 2013, won the History of Education Society UK Book prize in 2014.

Academic Area/Links

  • Architecture and Education
  • Cultural Histories of Education
  • History of networks in educational innovation
  • Visual methodologies in the participation of children in the design of education
  • Histories of creative pedagogies

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Research Topics

  • History of 20th century school architecture: relationships between designers, policy makers, HMI and teachers in international contexts
  • Children and young people's participation in the design of museum and gallery spaces as informal contexts for education

Funded Research Project(s)

  • Educational aims and values through Architecture (University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Fund) 2017-18
  • Sir Alec Clegg Revisited (University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Research Fund) 2016-17.
  • Participatory Design of the Future-Building School (AHRC - NWO) 2011-13
  • 'The Decorated School' International and interdisciplinary network funded by the Arts and Humanites Research Council, 2011-12.
  • Creative Spaces 2 with CAPEUK and North West Museums and Galleries
  • An investigation into the choice of single or multi-storey primary schools for Cambridgeshire County Council, 2010.
  • Documentary Film and Educational Research (British Academy) 2009-11
  • Principles of Primary School Design: Towards a Common Vocabulary of Practice 2009-10

Prospective PhD Applications

Catherine is not taking on doctoral supervision at present.

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Principal and Recent Publications

Burke, C., (2022) 'Rocking Horses as Peripheral Objects in Pedagogies of Childhood: An Imagined Exhibition' in Herman, Frederik, Braster, Sjaak and del Mar del Pozo Andrés, María. Exhibiting the Past: Public Histories of Education, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2023.

Open access

Burke, C. (2021) 'Movement and Dance in Schools' in Burke, C., Cunningham, P. and Hoare, L. (2021) Education through the arts for community and well-being. Routledge. London.

Burke, C. (2021) 'Global Travel and exchange in promoting a "change of heart towards children"' in Burke, C., Cunningham, P. and Hoare, L. (2021) Education through the arts for community and well-being. Routledge. London.

Burke, C., Cunningham, P. and Hoare, L. (2021) Education through the arts for community and well-being. Routledge. London.

Burke, C. (2020) 'We make the road by walking' Colin Ward und Bildungskonzepte der 1960er und 1970er Jahre' in Bildungsshock. Lernen, Politik und Architektur in den 1960er und 1970er Jahre. Edited by Tom Holert. Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

Burke, C. 'Mythologies of education in the time of Covid-19' guest post in Architecture and Education July 2nd 2020.

Burke, C.(2020) An exploration of liminal pockets of contestation and delight in school spaces, Paedagogica Historica, DOI: 10.1080/00309230.2020.1769147

Burke, C. and Hill, D. 'The Dispersed School' in Helen Taylor and Sharon Wright (eds) (2020) Urban Schools. Designing for High Density. London: RIBA publishing.

Burke, C. “What education do we need?’ in Jaroslav Andel (ed) (2019) Back to the sandbox. Art and radical pedagogy. The Western Gallery, Bellingham USA.

Burke, C. (2019) Designing for “touch”, “reach” and “movement” in postwar (1946–1972) English primary and infant school environments, The Senses and Society, 14:2, 207-220,

Burke, C. ‘Nature Tables and Pocket Museums: from the Leicestershire classroom to the Mountain View Center for Environmental Education, Colorado’. Pedagogia Oggi Special Issue Spaces and Places, vol 17, no 1. June, 2019.

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Burke, C. 'Humanism, modernism and designing education: exploring progressive relations between Australia, New Zealand and the West Riding of Yorkshire 1930s–1970s' History of Education, Volume 47, 2018 - Issue 2: Sight, Sound and Text in the History of Education. 257-268.

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Burke, C. and Konings, K. 'Recovering lost histories of educational design: A case study in contemporary participatory strategies' in Oxford Review of Education Vol 42 2016

Burke, C. ‘Quiet Stories of Educational Design’ in Darian-Smith, K. and Willis, J (eds) Designing Schools: Space, Place and Pedagogy. London. Routledge (Architecture) (2016) This is an international collection edited by Australian scholars from Schools of Architecture and Education, University of Melbourne.

Barfield, J., Burke, C. and Peacock, A. 'Creating a space for irresistible learning' in Biddulph, J. and Gronn, P. (2016) A University's Challenge. Cambridge's primary school for the nation. Cambridge University Press.

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Burke, C., Grosvenor, I. and Norlin, B. (eds.) (2015) Engaging with Educational Spaces Umea: University of Umea, e-book.

Helena Ribeiro de Castro, Béatrice Haenggeli-Jenni, Catherine Burke, Geert Thyssen, Ian Grosvenor & Pieter Verstraete et al ‘Education across Europe. A Visual Conversation.Published by Network 17 EERA (European Educational Research Association) Open access

Burke, C and Jones K (2014) Education, Childhood and Anarchism. Talking Colin Ward. London Routledge.

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Vol 49, No 6, December 2013. Special Issue. Modes and meaning: Displays of evidence in education.

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Catherine Burke

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