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Luisa Ciampi


Research Associate

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223


  • Msc in Applied International Development (University of Reading)
  • PhD in Gender and Communication (University of Reading)

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Visit my Orchid account to see my publication account.

I am an experienced Zimbabwean social researcher currently working as a post-doctoral research associate at The University of Cambridge with research expertise in gender and knowledge transfer. I have worked on several interdisciplinary projects particularly focusing on supporting gender equity and climate resilience through shifting policy to overcome inequality and poverty across Africa. I am currently working on two projects in the REAL centre which focus on scaling education initiatives in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and on assessing the effect of education initiatives on altering gender norms in Tanzania.

My PhD was titled ‘Understanding circulations of dominant discourse in development interventions: The case study of Zimbabwean agricultural extension services’. The study focused on determining how gender influences knowledge transfer processes, access, and experience, including aspects such as media use and preference by users.

I also have extensive experience in supervising students, and designing, building, and running international training courses both in person and online. These courses have been aimed at and attended by students, practitioners, and policy makers from around the world.

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Research Topics

  • Gender
  • Communication/Knowledge Transfer
  • Policy

Current Research Project(s)

  • Scaling a youth-led social support and mentorship program to improve quality of education for marginalised girls in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe

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Principal and Recent Publications

Ciampi, L., Rose, P., and Ganguli, A., 2022. It's not girls versus boys, its all children against gender inequality. Blog Post on UNGEI Website. Accessed 26/10/2022. 

Ciampi, L., Plumpton, H. J., Osbahr, H. et al. Building resilience through improving groundwater management for sustainable agricultural intensification in African Sahel. CABI Agric. Biosci 3 (63) 

Romanello M., McGushin, A., Di Napoli, C., Drummond, P., Hughes, N., Jamart, L, Ciampi, L., et al, 2021. The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future. The Lancet, 398 (10311), pp. 1619-1662.

Ciampi, L., 2020. Understanding circulations of dominant gender discourse in development interventions: The case study of Zimbabwean agricultural extension services. PhD Thesis. 

Daron, J., Allen, M., Bailey, M., Ciampi, L., Cornforth, R., Costella, C., Fournier, N., Graham, R., Hall, K., Kane, C., Lele, I., Petty, P., Pinder, N., Pirret, J., Stacey, J., & Ticehurst, H., (2020) Integrating seasonal climate forecasts into adaptive social protection in the Sahel. Climate and Development 13 (6), pp. 543 – 550

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