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Eleanor Dare


Senior Teaching Associate, Educational Technologies, Arts and Creativity (also serving as interim/co convenor)

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0)1223


  • PhD Goldsmiths, Department of Computing, Arts and Computational Technology
  • MSc Arts Computing, Goldsmiths Department of Computing
  • PGCE Art and Education, Royal College of Art
  • PGCE Management of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Goldsmiths
  • BA Hons Fine Art, Painting, UAL
  • MA Creative Writing, OU
  • Post Graduate Certificate, Sonic Arts, UAL
  • BTEC Professional Certificate in Sound Design, UAL

Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Authority
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Artists
  • Peer review college member, AHRC
  • Advisory Board, Theatre in the Mill
  • Served as an Executive Editor of the Cambridge Journal of Education
  • External Examiner Ravensbourne, 2019-2022
  • PhD Examiner and Chair on behalf of the RCA
  • Formerly Reader in Digital Media, Royal College of Art
  • Senate member, the Royal College of Art

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Dr Eleanor Dare is Senior Teaching Associate, Educational Technologies, Arts and Creativity for MPhil Arts, Creativity and Education at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, they also supervise/teach on, MPhil Knowledge, Power and Politics, as well as BA and MEd degrees.

Eleanor is module lead for AI and Education. Eleanor is a co-founder of the Storytelling studio and consultancy, X||rdinary Stories, working with industry and academia to research and develop experiential projects involving emerging technologies. Eleanor is an active developer of Games, AI and VR content, a computer programmer with an MSc and PHD in Arts and Computational Technology. Eleanor was formerly Reader in Digital Media and Head of Programme for MA Digital Direction at the RCA.

Eleanor has extensive experience with by practice investigation of AI, VR, interaction design and digital education. Eleanor has taken part in numerous exhibitions and has published dozens of papers addressing computation, AI, Education, Games and digital interaction. These include chapters in MIT’s Leonardo, ACM Interactions, Routledge, Sage and Intellect Books. At the RCA Eleanor was a member of the Senate, the Teaching and Learning Committee and Research Working Groups. Eleanor is an AHRC Peer Review College Member (reviewer), a member of the advisory board for the Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, and formerly External Examiner for Ravensbourne University (2019 – 2022) and has also served as an executive editor for the Cambridge Journal of Education.

In addition to Cambridge, Eleanor has taught and consulted on digital media, VR/AR, interaction design, games design, creative computer programming and themes relating to teaching and digital theory at UCL, the Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Goldsmiths, the University of Derby, the Open University, UCL and the London College of Communication. Eleanor has collaborated on projects with The Theatre in the Mill, Big Telly Theatre Company, Microsoft Research, the British Library, The Museum of Science and Media, Bradford, Space2, among many other organisations.

For the academic year 2023-2024 Eleanor will be a Methods Fellow with Cambridge Digital Humanities

Academic Area/Links

  • Deputy Chair of the Arts
  • Creativity Research Group
  • Cambridge Faculty of Education

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Research Topics

  • Creative Computation
  • Generative AI, AI and Education
  • Educational Technology and Ideology
  • VR/AR and Immersive Games Design
  • Digital Media and Communication Theory
  • 3D simulation and worldbuilding
  • Creativity and education

Current Research Project(s)

  • 2023-2024 UKRI Natural Environment Research Council, Digital Voices of the Future: Children's visions of future UK treescapes revealed through gaming
  • 2023-24 ESRC Digital Good Network
  • 2023 AHRC Future of Broadcast – extension funding 2023
  • 2023 The Gipton Space Agency, funded via Leeds University AHRC project
  • 2023 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Rear Windows, Big Telly Theatre Company
  • 2023 Mozilla Foundation, MozFest 2023 AI-Musement/Monstrous
  • 2022-2023 AHRC and XR Stories, the Future of Broadcast Media for Kids
  • 2019-2022 British Council/RCA, Crafting Futures, Kyrgyzstan
  • 2020: RCA internal funding for a symposium on AI urgencies (disrupted by Covid) (Co-PI)
  • 2019: AHRC/EPRSC, Art Fair Innovations, Shanghai, RCA
  • 2019: AHRC/ESRC 2019 UK-Japan network focused on location-based VR for children, RCA, UCL, Glasgow SoA, Tokyo University and games industry partners
  • 2019: RCA Funding for VR Alterities Symposium (With Claudia Dutson, Vali Lalioti, Indira Knight and Bruna Petreca)
  • 2019-2020 Eleanor was a Co-I for the successful £5 million UKRI Circular Economies bid at RCA in 2020, prior to changing roles.
  • 2018; PI for a collaborative project with the RCA and Microsoft Research, Cambridge, AI 9-5, investigating the impact of automation on workers
  • 2018-2020 Eleanor was one of the primary investigators for the successful £60 million AI Design Lab bid, a collaboration between the RCA and Hong Kong Poly University, with funding from 2019- 2029
  • 2017: Teaching and Learning Fund for a Digital Fluency project across UAL
  • 2007–2011: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, full doctoral studentship

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  • Postgraduate
    • MPhil Arts, Creativity and Education
    • Med Transforming Practice
    • MPhil Knowledge, Power and Politics
    • BA Education
    • Research Methods Strand across the Faculty of Education

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Principal and Recent Publications

Dare, Eleanor, Yamada-Rice, Dylan (2023) ‘Queer Psycho and The HE Circus: Applying Queering, Magic and More-than-human Theories to Immersive Visual Story Worlds as an Antidote to Late Capitalism’, Presence: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Dare, Eleanor (2023) “Memories of the Cruel Radiance: the lost art of autopathography,” chapter in the Handbook of Research on the Relationship Between Autobiographical Memory and Photography” Edited by Mark Ingham et al, IGI Press.

Dare, Eleanor (2023) ‘In the Deep Water: envisioning a contingent city of the future/past and the tools to do so’, Urban Futures, edited by Susan Flynn and Richard Hayes, Emerald Books.

Dare, Eleanor (forthcoming) (2023)’Post Qualitative Virtuality: assembling reality as new material for teaching and learning’, in Ethical Considerations of Virtual Reality in the College Classroom Edited by Melody Bowdon, Kevin Yee, William Dorner, Routledge.

Dare, Eleanor, Antonopoulou, Alexandra (2022) ‘The Riverine Archive: Nausea and information loss on the neoliberal ship of fools’, Special Issue of Visual Communication, Information is Ugly, Guest Editors: Shelley James, Grace Pappas, John Fass and Dylan Yamada-Rice, London, Sage.

Dare, Eleanor, (2022) ‘Impersonal Computing: from Art School to Business Hub in four decades’, in Digital Totalitarianism: Algorithms and Society, edited by Michael Filimowicz (‘the Editor’), Routledge.

Dare, Eleanor (2021) Locked down in the neoliberal Smart City: A-systemic technologies in crisis. Chapter: in Equality in the City, Intellect Books (editor Susan Flynn).

Dare, Eleanor (2021) ‘Rear Psycho: Hitchcock’s horror language mediated by AI.’ in Language Games, Edited by Hannah Lammin and Sheena Calvert. Cambridge, MA: Leonardo, MIT Press.

Dare, E., Potter, J., Nash., R, Yamada-Rice, D., Main, A. (2021) Critically Exploring Coproduction, Qualitative Research Journal.

Dare, Eleanor (2021) ‘Online Learning Platforms and the Confessional Subject’, Architecture and Culture, 26th February 2021.