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Jillian Lauer


University Assistant Professor of Psychology

E-mail Address


  • PhD, Psychology, Emory University (Atlanta, USA)
  • MA, Psychology, Emory University (Atlanta, USA)
  • BS (Hons), Psychology, Tulane University (New Orleans, USA)

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Dr. Jillian Lauer is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge, Dr. Lauer directs the Cambridge University Development & Learning Lab, teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students in Psychology & Education, and serves as the Route Coordinator for the MPhil in Psychology & Education.


Dr. Lauer completed their doctoral training in psychology at Emory University, where they studied the development of spatial, mathematical, and social cognition between infancy and early adulthood. After receiving their PhD from Emory in 2019, Dr. Lauer was awarded a three-year postdoctoral fellowship from the U.S. National Institutes of Health to study the development and consequences of children’s gender stereotypes at New York University. Dr. Lauer then joined the Faculty of Education at University of Cambridge during the 2022/2023 academic year. At Cambridge, Dr. Lauer directs the Cambridge University Development & Learning Lab, a research team that investigates the psychological origins of social inequalities. Details of the lab’s current work are available at

Academic Area/Links

  • Psychology, Education, and Learning Studies

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  • Tripos lecturing: Learning & Human Development, Formal & Informal Contexts of Learning
  • Dissertation supervisor


  • Supervises and advises PhD and MPhil students in Psychology & Education
  • Lecturing: Advanced Topics in Data Analysis, Social Development in Context, Anti-racism and Decolonisation in Research
  • Route coordinator for the MPhil in Psychology & Education

Dr. Lauer will be accepting PhD students during the 2023/2024 application cycle. Prospective applicants interested in working with Dr. Lauer should contact Dr. Lauer directly to discuss research interests, mentorship approaches, and funding by the 15 October 2023.

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Principal Publications

Lauer, J. E., Yhang, E., & Lourenco, S. F. (2019). The developmental of gender differences in spatial reasoning: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin, 145(6), 537–565.

Lauer, J. E., Esposito, A. G., & Bauer, P. J. (2018). Domain-specific anxiety relates to children’s math and spatial performance. Developmental Psychology, 54(11), 2126–2138.

Lauer, J. E., Ilksoy, S. D., & Lourenco, S. F. (2018). Developmental stability in gender-typed preferences between infancy and preschool age. Developmental Psychology, 54(4), 613–620.

Lauer, J. E., & Lourenco, S. F. (2016). Spatial processing in infancy predicts both spatial and mathematical aptitude in childhood. Psychological Science, 27(10), 1291–1298.