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Effecting Principled Improvement in STEM Education

Research publications

Publications relating to the project can be downloaded below.

On the intervention as a whole

A research-informed dialogic-teaching approach to early secondary-school mathematics and science: the pedagogical design and field trial of the epiSTEMe intervention. Open access

On classroom dialogue

Operational, interpersonal, discussional and ideational dimensions of classroom norms for dialogic practice in school mathematics. Open access

A case study of epistemic order in mathematics classroom dialogue. Open access

Teacher interventions in small group work in secondary mathematics and science lessons. Open access

A dialogic approach to plenary problem synthesis. Paper

On individual topic modules

Rational number and proportional reasoning in early secondary school: towards principled improvement in mathematics. Access.

Principled improvement in science: Forces and proportional relations in early secondary-school teaching. Access

Developing a research-informed teaching module for learning about electrical circuits at lower secondary school level: supporting personal learning about science and the nature of science Access

Developing teaching with an explicit focus on scientific thinking. Access

Chance by design: devising an introductory probability module for implementation at scale in English early-secondary education. Preprint Access

Background research

Using international study series and meta-analytic research syntheses to scope pedagogical development aimed at improving student attitude and achievement in school mathematics and science. Preprint Access

Earlier papers

The epiSTEMe project: Devising a pedagogical intervention to support development of a dialogic teaching approach to early-secondary-school mathematics and science. Paper

The epiSTEMe pedagogical approach: essentials, rationales and challenges. Paper

Effecting Principled Improvement in STEM Education: Research-based pedagogical development for student engagement and learning in early secondary-school physical science and mathematics. Paper