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International Issues in Religious Education

Teaching Our Own and Other Faiths in School


20 schools in the US and UK with Jewish, Christian, Muslim or secular foundations. School teachers, academics, RE advisors and NGOs (The Woolf Institute).


This project incorporates a year-long research project (report published Summer 2014) and a symposium held with US and UK delegates at the Faculty of Education in March 2014, with the intention of collaboratively developing a toolkit for best practice in teaching about 'the Other'.

The toolkit when online will be found at: The report, when published, will be accessed at, and at

Principal Investigator

Mary Earl.

Research Team

Sahra Ucar (Faculty of Education), Sue Ward (Cambridgeshire County Council), Laurie Hogen (Woolf Institute).


The Woolf Institute, Culham St Gabriel, Faculty of Education, private donations.