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LEGACY – Measuring Learning Gains Across Disciplines in Higher Education

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LEGACY is a multi-focus research project funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). It explores learning gain in higher education, through different longitudinal and cross-sectional mixed methodologies.

LEGACY is delivered across 4 Strands of research activity facilitating engagement through surveys, questionnaires and interviews; each strand has its unique set of objectives, approaches, analysis and potential outcomes. More information about the larger LEGACY project can be found here

The Cambridge Strand, The Measurement of Learning Gains in Higher Education across Disciplines, is the largest strand in the project. It aims to understand the development of students’ abilities, skills, and competencies over a period of two years from November 2016 on-wards.

The Strand looks at the core dimensions of student learning gains, relevant across a range of disciplines, and will develop and test a measurement instrument for assessing learning gain longitudinally. It will ultimately generate new empirical evidence about the dimensions of student learning gain in higher education, triangulating results from different measures of student learning such as self-reports, tests, and interviews, seeking to better understand the correspondence between self-reports and more objective measures of student learning in order to derive a measure of student learning gains that can be implemented at scale.

Principal Investigators

Professor Jan Vermunt
Professor Anna Vignoles

Secondary Investigator and Project Manager

Dr Sonia Ilie


Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

October 2015 - September 2018

Information for participants

If you have reached this page looking for information regarding your participation in the LEGACY Cambridge Strand survey, please see here for the participant page, or contact Sonia Ilie on