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Seminar Meetings

Cambridge (Faculty of Education) Seminar Series
Meeting the needs of the most able in science

The seminar series is supported by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. It is our hope that the seminars will both support teachers in designing activities that can challenge their most able science students, and be a forum for evaluating and suggesting developments to the activities. Our aim is to develop some expertise among the group that could then be shared more widely among science teachers.

Michaelmas Term 2002-3 Seminar: Saturday 5th October, 2002
Meeting the needs of the most able in science - What do we know? How do we proceed?

Lent Term 2002-3 Seminar: Saturday 15th March, 2003
Using models and modelling to challenge the most able in science classes

Easter Term 2002-3 Seminar: Saturday 10th May
The role of asking and responding to questions in challenging science learning

Michaelmas Term 2003-4 Seminar: Saturday 18th October, 2003
Challenging pupils through scientific explanations

Lent Term 2003-4 Seminar: Saturday 28th February, 2004
Pigs, sheep and scientific futures: activating children through science

Easter Term 2003-4 Seminar: Saturday 22nd May, 2004
Insights from science education in New Zealand: can a student-centred constructivist approach work for the gifted and able?

Michaelmas Term 2004-5 Seminar: Saturday 9th October, 2004
Challenging pupils through talk in the science classroom

Lent Term 2004-5 Seminar: Saturday 5th March, 2005
How do high achieving students understand the nature of science?
Challenging able students through an after school science enrichment programme - early thoughts on the ASCEND project.

Easter Term 2004-5 Seminar: Saturday 23rd April, 2005
Challenging the most able pupils to improve the quality and depth of their written explanations in science. The potential of the Thinking Frame approach at Key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5
Learning Science in Context - does it challenge the most able?