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Student Voice

Research team: Julia Flutter and Jean Rudduck

The study explores how schools, architects and planners are consulting students about the school environment and providing opportunities for student participation in projects for improving school buildings and facilities. A review of current practice in the UK and internationally is being undertaken to provide a clearer picture of the development of these strategies. During the first stage of the project, data have been collected to identify:

  1. the different ways in which students are being consulted and involved in school environment projects;
  2. what aspects of the physical environment in school have been identified by students as being important;
  3. how student input is being used to inform planning school architecture and facilities;
  4. benefits and difficulties that have been encountered in working with students on these projects.

External funding is to be sought for a second stage of the project which will focus on innovative development of student participation in school design.

The researchers would be interested to hear about any projects or schools that are involving students in planning changes to the school environment: for contact details please see below.

Publications from the project to date

Flutter, J. (2004) Student participation and the architecture of change, Connect (Journal of the Youth Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia), Winter 2004.

Short articles have been published in the CABE journal '360' (June 2004) and the School Councils UK newsletter 'School Voice' (December 2004)

Other Books by Rudduck and Flutter on Student Voice

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