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Interdisciplinary CRiCLE Workshops for Impact

Theme: Pedagogy and translanguaging

17:15   Tuesday  12 Nov 2013   DMB 2S5  (16:50 for social gathering)

Creese, A. & Blackledge, A. (2012). Translanguaging in the bilingual classroom: A pedagogy for learning and teaching? Modern Language Journal, 94(i), 103-115.

Theme: Heritage language learner characteristics

17:15   Tuesday  13 May 2014   DMB 2S7  (16:50 for social gathering)  

Lee, J. S. (2005). Through the learners’ eyes: Reconceptualizing the heritage and non-heritage learner of the less commonly taught languages. Foreign Language Annals, 38(4), 554-565.

Theme: Multilingualism, transnationalism and identity

17:15   Tuesday  11 November 2014   DMB 1S3  (16:50 for social gathering)

Duff, P. (2015). Multilingualism, transnationalism and identity. International Review of Applied Linguistics, 35, 57-80.

Theme: Language maintenance in trilingual families

17:15   Tuesday  12 May 2015   DMB 1S3  (16:50 for social gathering)

Braun, A., & Cline, T. (2010). Trilingual families in mainly monolingual societies: Working towards a typology. International Journal of Multilingualism, 7(2), 110-127.

Theme: Provision of heritage language education

17:15   Tuesday  10 November 2015   DMB 1S3  (16:50 for social gathering)

The results of the National Heritage Language Survey: Implications for teaching, curriculum design, and professional development. Foreign Language Annals, 44(1), 40-64.

Theme: Language education policy and public exams

17:15   Tuesday  8 November 2016  DMB 1S3 (16:50 for social gathering)

Handeley, S. (2011). Promoting community language learning in the United Kingdom. Language Learning Journal, 39(2), 149-162.

Theme: Assessing bilingual learners

17:15   Tuesday  7 November 2017  DMB 1S3 (16:50 for social gathering)

Cho, G., Shin, F., & Krashen, S. (2004). What do we know about heritage languages? What do we need to know about them. Multilingual Education, summer, 23-26.

Second Language Education Group (SLEG) Seminar Series