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CRiCLE Research and Impact Group Meetings

Pedagogy and translanguaging

17:15   Tuesday  12 Nov 2013   DMB 2S5

Creese, A. & Blackledge, A. (2012). Translanguaging in the bilingual classroom: A pedagogy for learning and teaching? Modern Language Journal, 94(i), 103-115.

Heritage language learner characteristics

17:15   Tuesday  13 May 2014   DMB 2S7

Lee, J. S. (2005). Through the learners’ eyes: Reconceptualizing the heritage and non-heritage learner of the less commonly taught languages. Foreign Language Annals, 38(4), 554-565.

Multilingualism, transnationalism and identity

17:15   Tuesday  11 November 2014   DMB 1S3

Duff, P. (2015). Multilingualism, transnationalism and identity. International Review of Applied Linguistics, (35), 57-80.

Language maintenance in trilingual families

17:15   Tuesday  12 May 2015   DMB 1S3

Braun, A., & Cline, T. (2010). Trilingual families in mainly monolingual societies: Working towards a typology. International Journal of Multilingualism, 7(2), 110-127.

Provision of heritage language education

17:15   Tuesday  10  November 2015   DMB 1S3

The results of the National Heritage Language Survey: Implications for teaching, curriculum design, and professional development. Foreign Language Annals, 44(1), 40-64.

Language education policy and public exams

Handeley, S. (2011). Promoting community language learning in the United Kingdom. Language Learning Journal, 39(2), 149-162.

17:15   Tuesday 8 November 2016   DMB 1S3

Second Language Education Group (SLEG) Seminar Series

Guest Speakers

Ben Rampton, Marilyn Martin-Jones, Jennifer Jenkins, Jean Conteh, Mike Byram, Patricia Duff, David Block, Constant Leung, Adrian Blackledge, Susanne Graham, Li Wei, Catherine Wallace, Martin Bygate, David Singleton, Lid King, Bernardette Holmes, Florence Myles, Rosmond Mitchell, Christiane Dalton-Puffer, Wendy Bennett