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Audio and Video

The Faculty regularly records seminars, lectures and other events that our colleagues in the University's Streaming Media Service host for us.

Latest Titles

PEDAL Research Seminar | Unleashing the Power of Science in Early Childhood | Daryl Greenfield, University of Miami: Professor Greenfield is a Professor of Psychology and Pediatrics at the Universi...
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Wed, 11 Jul 2018

Book Launch: Strengthening the Connections between Leadership and Learning: Book launch from the LfL Network
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Mon, 2 Jul 2018

RM01 Linda Finlay Lecture Rough Cut: Restricted rough cut of the lecture for editorial purposes. This version is for...
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Fri, 4 May 2018

Beats Matter: Educational, Therapeutic and Cross-Cultural Applications of Hip Hop Beat Making and Culture: Hip Hop is now the most listened to genre of music in the world, yet it is not w...
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Fri, 23 Mar 2018

A Bourdiesian Analysis of Songwriting Habitus: Brazilian songwriting, as well as the music from other countries, is featured by...
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Thu, 1 Mar 2018

Just as Quare As You Wanna Be: On Afrofuturism as Cultural Aesthetic and Method for Liberating Black Bodies: Informed by Black feminism, queer theory of colour, and Afrofuturist theory, Wyn...
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Wed, 14 Feb 2018