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Maths anxiety causing "rage and despair" in children - new study

14 March 2019

Maths anxiety – a negative emotional reaction to mathematics - is causing fear, physical suffering and behaviour problems in c...

Drive to open up rare children’s books to all online

12 March 2019

New ways to use digital technology to unlock the jewels of children’s literature from library archives and make them available...

Faculty students join global education experts at Yidan Conference

1 March 2019

Students from the Faculty of Education are to lead a presentation at an international conference alongside global experts in educati...


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University of Cambridge
Primary School

Celebrating the art of the possible

University of Cambridge Primary School

The UCPS opened in Sept. 2015 as the first university training school in the country & will soon become a large 3-form entry school.

As well as striving to be a brilliant primary school, it aspires to contribute to deep professional learning through building a research-informed culture and supports Initial Teacher Education to inspire future educators.


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“Is tap water different to rain?” Whole class ...

This excerpt comes from a primary school science lesson in a school in a deprived area of London. A class o...

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