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Fantastical Maps and Poems - Curious art exhibition at the Faculty

25 May 2018

The Faculty Display Committee are delighted to share news of an exhibition of creative work at the Faculty of Education, Donald McIn...

Real Centre hosted Pre-Global Disability Summit Workshop

9 May 2018

The ‘Pre-Global Disability Summit Workshop on Inclusive Education’(26th-27th April 2018) brought together 35 individuals...

Evidence of young people's mental health in schools

30 April 2018

Education, Reform and Innovation (ERI) in collaboration with Cambridge Forum for Emotional Wellbeing are hosting a talk from Profess...


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University of Cambridge
Primary School

Celebrating the art of the possible

University of Cambridge Primary School

The UCPS opened in Sept. 2015 as the first university training school in the country & will soon become a large 3-form entry school.

As well as striving to be a brilliant primary school, it aspires to contribute to deep professional learning through building a research-informed culture and supports Initial Teacher Education to inspire future educators.


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MEd Year 2 Student Perspectives and Advice

Victoria the second year MEd student gives her advice and perspective of the ELSI route.

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