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Doctoral Students, Thesis Topics & Supervisors

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Name Topic Supervisor
Hei Jean Ahn 'Able underachievement': an exploratory study into the causal factors, academic motivation, and suggested strategies for improvement Mike Younger and Ruth Kershner
Asma Alfadala How do school leaders' perceptions of Education for a New Era affect the implementation of the reform in primary schools in Qatar? Darleen Opfer and John Gray
Alexis Artaud de la Ferriere The uses of educational structures in the Algerian War of Independence: traces and testimonies. Phil Gardner
Nazipa Ayubayeva Collaborative teacher learning in Kazakhstan. Ros McLellan and Colleen McLaughlin
Lena Bahou Student (dis)engagement in postwar Lebanon: obstacles and pathways in school learning. Nidhi SIngal
Beatrice Balfour Utopia or dystopia? Examining gender in the Reggio Emilia approach. Jo-Anne Dillabough and Pam Hirsch
Amilcar Barnett Supporting academic performance through physical education and sport. John Gray
Aditi Bhutoria Do financial education interventions for women from poor households impact their financial attitudes and behaviours? Experimental evidence from India. Anna Vignoles
James Biddulph Creative learning in multicultural home and school contexts: consulting pupils, parents and teachers. Pam Burnard and Mandy Swann
Roszalina Binte Rawi Assessment for Learning in Malay language classrooms: from zahir to batin. Sue Swaffield
Fatin Aliah Phang Binti Abdullah Patterns of physics problem-solving among KS4 students from the perspecitve of metacognition Keith S. Taber
Gulay Bozkurt A multiple-case study of secondary teachers' practices of GeoGebra-use in mathematics teaching. Kenneth Ruthven
Simon Breakspear An international standard for schooling performance? The use of PISA in national schooling policy and practice Peter Gronn
Madeleine Brens Engagement through art: a phenomenological case study Richard Hickman
Richard Brock Making sense of making sense: a microgenetic case study of conceptual integration by upper secondary physics students in the UK. Keith Taber
Ros Brown (formerly Frost) Enabling Year 2 pupils to pursue social research for school improvement: an action research study. David Frost
Ross Buckingham Speaking for the trees: an ecocritical analysis of young readers' responses to the representation of environmental issues in literature. David Whitley
Catalina Castillo A mixed methods study exploring the teacher practices in highly engaged classrooms in disadvantaged primary schools in Mexico. Anna Vignoles
Michael Catchpool 'I look away until they have finished reading it': a focus on peer feedback and its impact on children as writers. Neil Mercer and Morag Styles
Eleni Charalampous Epistemic beliefs in mathematics education. Paul Andrews
Phoebe Chen Nature and history in young adult environmental fiction. David Whitley
Christina Chinas Mediation of teachers' learning through talk within a professional learning community: a case study in Cyprus. Christine Counsell
Su Li Chong Texts and contexts: the print-based and multimodal reading experiences of multilingual Malaysian undergraduates from a British university. Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Sara Clarke-Habibi The role of education in post-conflict social reconstruction and peacebuilding: the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Madeleine Arnot
Paola Contreras Cosmopolitan capital or cultural intelligence? Predictors of the participation of Chilean undergraduates in international academic activities. Nigel Kettley
Ivana Cosic Selfish schools and virtuous institutions: a capabilities-inspired exploratory study of schools' reactions to secondary school exit exams in Croatia. David Frost
Tara Coverdale Critical leadership versatility: From insight to practice. Pam Burnard and Morag Morrison-Helme
Caroline Creaby Developing the professional identities of teachers in an English secondary school to support school improvement. David Frost
Eleni Demosthenous Algebra-related topics: a multiple case study in Cypriot primary school classrooms. Andreas Stylianides and Paul Andrews
Ting Ding Interactions between Language Learning and Identity in the Study Abroad Context: A Case Study of Heritage Learners and Non-heritage Learners of Chinese at University Level in the Chinese-as-a-second-language Setting. Michael Evans
Simon Dowling The influence of a teaching school alliance on classroom staff's professional development. Panayiotis Antoniou
Min Du Designing and evaluating a virtual English enrichment course for improving Chinese learners' communicative competence in English. Sara Hennessy and Andreas Stylianides
Emma Dyer Investigating the places where children learn to read in the English primary school through participatory design with children. Cathy Burke and Dominic Cullinan
Elizabeth Forbes Writer identities in mentoring and HE teaching relationships. Chris Doddington and Morag Styles
Karen Forbes Cross-linguistic transfer of L2 writing strategies: developing L1 and L2 writing through metacognitive strategy use. Linda Fisher
Clare Freeman Between the book and the mind of the reader: an exploration of young readers' engagement with fiction. Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Jie Gao The relationships of parents' beliefs, perceived parenting behaviours, adolescents' self-efficacy beliefs and developmental outcomes: a pioneer investigation in a Chinese context. Ros McLellan
Jennifer Green Synaesthesia and number cognition: behavioural and electrophysiologial investigations. Usha Goswami
Tehmina Hammad NGOs' construction(s) of disability and education and its impact on the lives of persons with disabilities in Pakistan. Nidhi Singal
Veronica Hanke Guided reading: teacher and pupil perspectives on classroom practice. Neil Mercer
Roxana Herescu The role of higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP) in content and language integrated learning (CLIL): a case study of learners of English at two schools in Romania. Michael Evans
Lottie Hoare Secondary education in the broadcast media 1953-1965: drawing out networks of conversation and visions of reform. Catherine Burke
Lucy Howson Exploring educational experiences in Luton since the 1960s across three generations: a return to Goldthorpe's Affluent Worker. Diane Reay
Cheng-Yu Hung The making of the citizenship curriculum in Taiwan: on the evolving concepts of 'good citizenship' and 'national identity' after World War II. Phil Gardner and Ian Frowe
Evangelia Iordanaki A socio-cultural study exploring groups of Greek and British 11-year-old children's responses to wordless picturebooks. Fiona Maine
Mona Jebril Academic life under occupation: the impact on educationalists at Gaza's universities. Diane Reay
Hong Jiang Student teachers' voices: a historical exploration of teacher education in Shanghai, China (1949-1995). Phil Gardner
Martin Johnson Examiner feedback and learning: how do examiners establish common meaning through remote feedback messages? Neil Mercer
Dilrabo Jonbekova Skills not just diplomas: the relationship between university credentials and labour market skills in post-Soviet Tajikistan. Peter Gronn
Kathryn Jourdan Encountering the Other through music education: a case-study of music-making in the lives of a class of S2 pupils at an Edinburgh high school. John Finney
Sabrina Kamal Exploring constructions of childhood and representations of the child in Rabindranath Tagore's children's literature. David Whitley and Morag Styles
Kevin Kester Teaching and learning peace within the United Nations: a sociology of peace education. Hilary Cremin
Chun Hong Kim Growing unities and continuous differences in national testing policy: the introduction of the programme of the new national testing in Korea. John Gray
Mee Kyoung Kim Bilinguals' emotion and language: an exploratory study of Korean-English bilinguals' verbal expression of shame. Neil Mercer
Rebecca Kitchen What does geographical knowledge consist of from ethnic minority perspectives? Exploring the stories that relate to perceptions and link with option choices. Liz Taylor
Chrysovalentini Konstantinou Technology use in Cypriot primary music education: examining teacher thinking and practice. Pam Burnard and Linda Hargreaves
Martina Kuvalja Self-directed language and the development of self-regulation in children with Specific Language Impairment. David Whitebread
Man Kit Lee Writing motivation in the context of peer collaboration in second language process writing. Michael Evans
Min Kyung Lee Parenting and children's executive functioning: a comparative study between UK and Korean parents of 4-year-old children. Sara Baker and David Whitebread
Hui-Chuan Li A problem-based learning approach to developing fifth grade students' fraction sense in Taiwan: challenges and effects. Andreas Stylianides
Ling Li Investigating the impact of academic culture on teachers' engaged and innovative use of ICT: an ethnographic case study in three departments in a University Faculty in China. Sue Brindley
Jia Wei Lim Development and present state of post-16 Malaysian Higher School Certificate or Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) literature in English: a multuple case study. Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Martin Lytje Our grief: exploring children's experiences of returning to school after the loss of a family member. Ruth Kershner
Katia Mace-Nazina An international investigation of identity issues amongst Third Culture Individuals. Neil Mercer
Peter Marber Democratisation, credentialisation,and polarisation: Higher Education and the unintended consequences of globalisation. Peter Gronn and Diane Reay
Melissa Marsden Teacher professional development for the integration of ICT in poorly resourced education systems: lessons learned from the One Laptop per Child programme in Brazil. Sara Hennessy
Gabriela Martinez Sainz Educators' Understandings of Human Rights: Exploring the relationship with teaching practices and human rights theories Ian Frowe and Keith Taber
Nigel Meager Using filmmaking as method in the exploration, description, analysis and interpretation of children's experience as they make art in primary school. Richard Hickman
Siza Mtimbiri A case study: exploring the relationship between HIV/AIDS and schooling with a focus on rural primary school children's perspectives. Colleen McLaughlin and Darleen Opfer
Rebecca Nambi Learner-centred pedagogy and the teaching of literacy in secondary schools in Uganda: challenges and possibilities. Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
David Neale Early signs of self-regulation. David Whitebread
Alanna O'Beirne A complex adaptive systems approach to exploring the development of a health promoting school network in the mid-west region of Ireland. John Gray
Aileen O'Connor Can executive function and self-regulatory abilities of high-functioning children with autism be improved via a self-directed speech intervention? David Whitebread
Lisha O'Sullivan Social pretend play in the preschool years: investigating its trajectory and the role of adult involvement. David Whitebread
Shirley Ong Investigating the effect of incorporating explicit contrasts between educational mother tongue and foreign language into English-language classes in Brunei Michael Evans and Andrie Yiakoumetti
Manasi Pande The impact of poverty on the lives and education of adolescent carers. Madeleine Arnot and Shailaja Fennell
Marianna Petrasova The genesis and manifestation of mathematics anxiety in successful adults. Ruth Kershner
David Pomeroy Exploring the role of social class, ethnicity, and gender in how New Zealand students experience maths in the first year of secondary school. Diane Reay
Shi Pu Critical thinking and the development of academic literacy in second language education: comparison of the perspectives of Chinese postgraduate students in three settings. Michael Evans
Winnie Sin Wai Pui Promoting strategies for the self-regulation of learning among students with learning difficulties in Hong Kong and Macau. Richard Byers
Ellen Quigley Toward the middle: a study of Canadian economists. Philip Gardner
Hanan Ramahi Enabling teachers to lead change in one school in Palestine: a case study. David Frost
Fran Riga Students' Ideas in astronomy : science or fiction? Keith Taber
Charlotte Rochez Interpreting meanings of home-based education: a cross-cultural historical investigation. Philip Gardner
Jose-Miguel Rodriguez-Reyes Differential effects of implicit vs explicit instruction in L2 acquisition of English by Spanish speakers: the case for learnability constraints. Michael Evans
Johanna Sale How do teachers regard their own professional knowledge? Ros McLellan
Edel Sanders Investigating the relationship between musical training and mathematical thinking in children: a school-based experiment. Linda Hargreaves
Biljana Savikj An ethnographic case study of Macedonian immigrant-background children's learning of English and home language(s) in their social networks in England: a language socialisation perspective. Yongcan Liu
Jane Scarsbrook To what extent can structured group tasks encourage imagination, articulation and development in children's notions about shape, space and measure? Neil Mercer and Christine Howe
Kaylan Schwarz How do young people make meaning of their experiences before, during and after a short-term international volunteer excursion in Sub-Saharan Africa? An exploration through narrative inquiry. Hilary Cremin
Alka Sehgal-Cuthbert The case for subject based liberal education. Ian Frowe
Richard Shakeshaft On the road to utopia? Exploring the representation of technology and the posthuman in contemporary Young Adult speculative fiction. Maria Nikolajeva
Xiaofei Shi Employing the theoretical framework of cognitive criticism to explore crossover picturebooks. Maria Nikolajeva
Lysandra Sinclaire-Harding Emotion reactivity and regulation in the middle school years: a study of individual differences. David Whitebread
Pallawi Sinha Emergent education in the homogenised world: the significance of integrating indigenous knowledge, cultural practices and skills towards future education in India. Cathy Burke and Richard Hickman
Marija Skobe-Pilley Exploring organisational employees' experience of an arts-based learning programme. Pam Burnard and Ros McLellan
Matthew Somerville Emotion regulation, well-being and supportive classroom contexts. David Whitebread
Jennifer Song Mobile learning in higher education: an exploratory case study of students' experiences, understanding, perceptions and attitudes of mobile learning. Elaine Wilson
Moritz Sowada School inspection judgements: an Anglo-German comparison. Peter Gronn and John Gray
Alireza Tabatabaie Young Muslims, sexuality and sex and relationship education in the UK.. Colleen McLaughlin
Susan Tan Violence in young adult literature. Maria Nikolajeva
Eve Tandoi Children reading hybrid novels in class: what are children's hybrid novels and what kinds of responses do they invite in the primary classroom? Gabrielle Cliff-Hodges
Rui Tang The city in animated feature films. David Whitley
Wenna Tang An inquiry into transnational higher education with evidence from China. Nigel Kettley
Nurbek Teleshaliyev Teachers with a capital "T": exploring commitment, professionalism and leadership of experienced, effective teachers in Kyrgyzstan. David Frost
Pablo Torres The role of culture in the development of students' self-regulated learning in the primary classroom: comparing the cases of Chile and England. Ros McLellan and David Whitebread
Yi-Shan Tsai Young readers' engagement with Manga. David Whitley and Morag Styles
James Underwood Do teachers who are engaged in working with colleagues from other nations perceive themselves to be part of an international community of fellow professionals? David Frost
Mohini Verma Temporal patterns of co-occurrence between children's self-regulatory behaviour and their private and social speech in play contexts. David Whitebread
Derron Wallace Diaspora dilemmas: an educational ethnography of second-generation West Indians in London and New York. Diane Reay
Hsaio-Lan Wang Developmental dyslexia, phonological skills and auditory processing in Chinese Usha Goswami
Ashley Wilson Early twentieth-century orphan girls: gendered, place-based and Christian identities in classic fiction for girls, 1900-1913. Maria Nikolajeva
Anna Wong A multiple case study exploring Hong Kong adolescents' engagement with school music and their perceived well-being through the satisfaction of basic psychological needs. Pam Burnard and Ros McLellan
Chalermchai Wongrak Language teachers' use of local languages and its social meanings: a study of EFL lectures in North-East Thailand. Edith Esch
Winona Wu The role of digital social networking in young Taiwanese students' intercultural adjustment on transition to schools in England Linda Hargreaves
Chenyan Xu Metacognition and children's language acquisition in China. David Whitebread
Cora Lingling Xu Who am I? A multiple case study of the identity construction(s) of mainland Chinese students in Hong Kong higher education institutions. Diane Reay
Christine Ngai Lam Yau The nature of one-to-one instrumental/vocal pedagogy in music conservatoire setting: two cases from UK. Pamela Burnard
Ji Yu (Summer) How does learning space impact upon student learning in higher education? An exploration through a comparative case study in China. Jan Vermunt and Catherine Burke
Yanyue (Selena) Yuan Crystallised self-narrative: an exploratory study of imaginative responses towards museum masks. Richard Hickman
Faye Dorcas Yung Representations of East Asian cultures in English fiction for children - a study on cultural representations and authenticity Maria Nikolajeva
Antonia Zachariou Musical play and self-regulation: an exploration of 6- and 8-year old children's self-regulatory behaviours during musical play sessions at Cypriot primary schools. David Whitebread
Mujadad Zaman Whither knowledge?: Locating the 21st century university in the knowledge society. John Beck
Heyi Zhang Relationships between parental scaffolding, children's motivational resources and self-regulated learning in Chinese preschool children. David Whitebread