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Cambridge Chinese School


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Early in the 1980s, Hong Kong and China families in Cambridge came together with two common goals: First, they wanted to offer instruction in the Chinese language, reading, writing, grammar and speaking for children who, although their parents speak Chinese, are growing up in England and speaking mostly English.  Second, they wanted to instill knowledge of and appreciation for the culture and traditions they remembered from their homelands.  Toward that end, they established Cambridge Chinese Association, which provided organizational assistance for their dream: Cambridge Chinese School (a Chinese language school).

It quickly became apparent that there was interest beyond the Chinese-speaking community, and enrollment was expanded to allow non-Chinese speaking children as well as adults. Cambridge Chinese School was established in 1985 to teach the Chinese language to children and adults in Cambridge and to foster the culture and customs of Chinese speaking countries. To provide an excellent learning experience to students, all of our teachers hold an education degree or relevant teaching certificates and accumulate at least 5 years’ teaching experience in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the UK.

In order to arouse students’ interest in the study and preparing them for future challenges, digital teaching has been launched, with our tailor-made E-books, online tutorials, and YouTube movie, students are surrounded by Chinese learning atmosphere all the time.

Our pupil’s age ranges from 3 to adults, they are allocated to groups best suited for their age and linguistic abilities and study towards GCSE, A LEVEL Chinese and Business Chinese (HSK). Over the years, more than 90% of our students achieved A*/ distinction in the public Chinese exams, serving as a good example to the younger colleagues who aspire to follow in their footsteps. As we always emphasize Cambridge Chinese School is a place for students, parents, and teachers to learn and grow, thus we regularly offer workshops, training, community service, and performances opportunities to broaden their horizons. Our School maintains close ties with other schools and educational groups in Cambridge, China, and Hong Kong, by organizing Chinese classes, after school club and academic exchange, devoted to serving to a wider extent. Last but not least, Cambridge Chinese School has its own school team for Lion Dance and Choir, dedicated to providing a fun and enjoyable learning environment, equipping our students with all-rounded education.