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Gabriela Martinez Sainz

Gabriela Martinez Sainz

E-mail Address


MPhil in Educational Research, University of Cambridge, UK
MA in History of Thought, Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana), Mexico
BA in Pedagogy, Panamerican University (Universidad Panamericana), Mexico

Membership of Professional Bodies and Associations

Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain
British Association for International and Comparative Education (BAICE)
British Educational Research Association (BERA)


Dr. Ian Frowe and Dr. Keith Taber


Gabriela is currently researching human rights education in Mexico, with a view to integrating theory and practices and applying gained knowledge to the development of training programmes for human rights educators.
Prior to coming to Cambridge, Gabriela worked as Academic Coordinator of the 'Open University' Department at the Panamerican University and was responsible for the academic and administrative coordination of the department, including the review of academic curricula and programmes. She has also co-authored secondary-school textbooks on civics and ethics education.

Research Topics and Projects

Educators' Understandings of Human Rights: Exploring the relationship with teaching practices and human rights theories

Philosophy of education
Philosophical issues in education
Democracy and education
Peace education


Martinez Sainz, G. (2012) “Afectividad y empatía como base para la educación en derechos humanos”, in Estudios contemporáneos sobre afectividad. México: Editorial Porrúa.

Martinez Sainz, G. (2012) The influence of utilitarianism on human rights education”. Skepsis. Vol XII, Issue 1, 185-198.