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Richard Brock


Richard Brock

E-mail address


BSc Physics, University of Durham.
PGCE Science Education, University of Cambridge.
MPhil Educational Research, University of Cambridge.


Dr Keith Taber


Richard is a doctoral student researching the concept of making-sense in
physics education. This follows on from his MPhil, which examined the
role of intuition in learning physics. Richard’s PhD research involves
the use of the microgenetic method and he is interested in understanding
how fine-grained analyses of students’ ideas can shed light on the
process of concept change.

Research topics and projects

Current research interests:
• The nature of understanding in physics education
• The microgenetic approach in science education
• The role of insight and intuition in science education
• Research assistant with the LASAR (learning About Science And
Religion) project

Selected publications

Billingsley, B., Brock, R., Taber, K.S., & Riga, F. (2016). How students view the boundaries between their science and religious education concerning the origins of life and the universe. Science Education. 100(3) 459-482.

Brock, R. (2015). Intuition and insight: two concepts that illuminate the tacit in science education. Studies in Science Education. 51(2) 127-167.

Brock, R. (2013). New science of learning. Cognition, computers and
collaboration in education. Teacher Development, 17(1), 150-151.

Brock, R. (2007). Differentiation by alternative conception: tailoring
teaching to students' thinking. School Science Review, 88(325), 97-104.