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Science Education for the Gifted

New volumes on Gifted Education in Science/STEM

An international writing project has produced three new volumes in the area of education for gifted learners in the sciences and more widely in STEM subjects. These books have been published by Routledge as part of their 'Routledge Research in Achievement and Gifted Education' series. The volumes are being edited by Keith S Taber (University of Cambridge Faculty of Education); Manabu Sumida (Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Ehime University, Japan); and Lynne McClure (Director of Cambridge Mathematics).

The volumes will be entitled:

International Perspectives on Science Education for the Gifted: Key issues and challenges

Edited by Keith S Taber and Manabu Sumida

Policy and Practice in Science Education for the Gifted: Approaches from diverse national contexts

Edited by Manabu Sumida and Keith S Taber

Teaching Gifted Learners in STEM Subjects: Developing talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Edited by Keith S Taber, Manabu Sumida and Lynne McClure

Link to contents of the books