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Elaine Wilson


University Senior Lecturer in Education

E-mail Address


+ 44 (0) 1223 336297



BSc, PGCE, (Bath)

MEd, PhD, (Cantab)


Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

  • British Educational Research Association
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Collaborative Action Research Network
  • Comparative and International Education Society 

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Dr Elaine Wilson is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty and is a Fellow of Homerton College. Elaine was a secondary school chemistry teacher in Bath and Cambridge and was awarded a Salters' Medal for Chemistry teaching. She has also received two career awards for teaching in Higher Education; the University of Cambridge Pilkington Teaching Prize, in recognition of excellence in University teaching and a National Teaching Fellowship in recognition of excellence in teacher education leadership. 
Elaine teaches PGCE, Masters and Doctoral students. Her research interests  are  in Education Reform, Teacher Education, and Digital Technology. She recently developed and implemented a whole country teacher reform programme in Kazakhstan  and has also advised Education Minsters in Japan. 

Academic Area

Education, Leadership, Policy, Evaluation and Change (ELPEC)

Education, Innovation and Reform 

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Research Interests

  • Education and International  Development
  • Education Policy and Evaluation 
  • Teacher Learning and Pedagogy 
  • Teacher and Professional Education 
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Current Research Projects

Teachers' Professional Learning and School Leadership 

Implementation and Improvement Science 

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Course Involvement

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Selected Publications



Wilson, E. & Abibulayeva, A. (2017) An Introduction to Educational Research Methods (In Russian and Kazakh). Faculty of Education, University of  Cambridge, Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan & The British Council.  

Wilson, E. (2017) Bringing about change in schools; the case of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, Centre of Excellence Teacher and Leadership Programmes. Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge and Centre of Excellence.  Excellence

Wilson, E. (2012) School-based Research: A Guide for Education Students. 2nd Edition. London, Sage. Watch Read Reviews


Wilson, E. (2017)  Alternative paths to upgrading existing teacher qualifications: the Kazakhstan- based Centre of Excellence Teacher Education Programme. In M.Hartley & A. Ruby, (Eds) Higher Education Reform and Development: The case of Kazakhstan. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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Journal Articles

Teacher Reform 

Turner, F., Brownhill, S. & Wilson, E. (2016) The transfer of content knowledge in a cascade model of professional development. Teacher Development.  

Teacher Education

Wilson, E & Demetriou, H. (2012) Новые знания учителю и обучению. Pedagogical Dialogue (1)

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Wilson, E. (2004) Using activity theory as a lens to analyse interaction in a university - school initial teacher education and training partnership. Educational Action Research, 12(4)587-612.

Teacher Well - being 

Klassen, R., Wilson, E., Fiu, A., Hannok, W., Wong,M. & Wongsri, N. (2013) Work Stress and Occupational Commitment of Pre-Service Teachers in Four Countries: The Mediating Effect of Self-Efficacy. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 28 (4) 1289 - 1309.

Demetriou, H. & Wilson, E. (2012) It’s bad to be too good: the perils of striving for perfection in teaching. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46,1801 – 1805.

Wilson, E., Demetriou, H. & Winterbottom, M. (2010) Climate change: what needs to be done in order to motivate and sustain new teachers. Science Teacher Education, 57, 34-43.

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Demetriou, H. & Wilson, E. (2009) Synthesising affect and cognition in teaching and learning. Social Psychology of Education: an International Journal, 12 (2) 213-232.

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Demetriou, H., Wilson, E. & Winterbottom, M. (2009) The role of emotion in teaching: Are there differences between male and female newly qualified teachers' approaches to teaching? Educational Studies, 35 (4) 449-473.

Teacher Networks

Fox, A. & Wilson, E. (2015) Networking and the development of professionals: beginning teachers building social capital. Teaching and Teacher Education, 47, 93 - 107. 

Fox, A., Wilson, E. & Deaney, R. (2011) Beginning Teachers’ Workplace Experiences: Perceptions of and Use of Support. Vocations and Learning, 4 (1) 1-24.

Fox, A., Deaney, R. & Wilson, E. (2010) Examining beginning teachers’ perceptions of workplace support. Journal of Workplace learning,  22 (4), 212-227.

Fox, A. & Wilson, E. (2009) "Support our networking and help us belong!": listening to beginning secondary school science teachers. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice 15 (6), 701-718

Other Studies

Martindill, D. & Wilson, E. (2015),"Rhetoric or reality? A case study into how, if at all, practical work supports learning in the classroom", International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, 4 (1) pp. 39 - 55

Demetriou, H. & Wilson, E. (2010) Children should be seen and heard: the power of student voice in sustaining new teachers. Improving Schools, 13, 1-16.

de Winter, J.A., Winterbottom, M. & Wilson, E. (2010) Developing a user guide to integrating new technologies in science teaching and learning: teachers' and pupils' perceptions of affordances. Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 19 (2) 261-267.

Invited Speaker 

Education Reform. Graduate School of Education, Nagoya University, Japan. April 2016.

Blended learning in higher education. Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University, Astana. November 2014.

The future for Initial Teacher Training, teacher supply and professional development. Westminster Forum. April 2014.

Teacher Professional Development in the 21st Century. International research to practice conference. Astana, Kazaksthan, December 2012.

University - school based partnerships; networking to increase social capital. University of Exeter. 29 May 2012.

Using ICT in science teaching. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) , Mexico City. August 2011.

Teacher Knowledge and Learning. University of Bilkent, Ankara. July 2011.

Other Submissions and Research Reports 

Moving from Initial Education through the Professional Learning Continuum, the Role of Universities.  In J. Simons (ed)  The Importance of Teachers. A collection of essays on teacher recruitment and retention. Policy Exchange

Higher Education Academy. Learning to teach; Supporting research-informed teacher education in a changing policy environment.Learning to Teach. September 2013.

Great teachers:attracting, training and retraining  the best. Education Select Committee. April 2012. 

Demetriou, H. & Wilson, E. (2010) Student voice revisited: its power in sustaining new teachers. Department for Children, Schools and Families.

National Network for Science Learning Centres (2010) Excellent and highly effective practice in Initial Teacher Training  (ITT) and Early Professional Development (EPD) in secondary science teaching across England. London: Training and Development Agency.

Conference Presentations


Wilson, E. Teacher professionalism in Kazakhstan.  Comparative and International Education Society Conference, March 2016, Vancouver.  

Tolykbayeva,G., Assubayev, B., Gabdollakyzy, B., Sharimova, A. & Wilson, E. (2014) Teacher Education Reform in Kazakhstan: conceptualizing Lesson Study as a driver for transforming classroom practice. World Association of Lesson Study Conference, Becoming Reflective Educators and Professionals of Learning. Bandung, Indonesia.

Wilson, E., Turner, F., Sharimova, A. & Brownhill, S. (2013) Reform at Scale: Teacher Development in Kazakhstan. European Educational Research Association. 10 - 13 September, 
Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul

Wilson , E. (2011)  The selective use of teacher education research. Policy in the UK, evidence based or ideologically driven? Teacher Education Policy in Europe, University of Vienna, Austria,  14th May 2011

Wilson, E. (2010)  Beyond Compliance: University-School Network Learning Partnerships. Media link 
Teacher Education Policy in Europe, Tallinn University Estonia, 13th September 2010

Wilson, E. (2009) Using a blended learning approach in a school - university initial teacher education course.
International Conference on Educational Research for Development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 2009. 

Fox, A., Deaney, R. & Wilson, E. (2009) Perceptions of the workplace by new teachers, paper presented at the Researching Workplace Learning 6th annual conference, Roskilde University, Copenhagen, 28 June – 3 July 2009.

Fox, A. & Wilson, E. (2009) Networking for support: learning from the experiences of beginning science teachers, paper presented to the Teacher Education division of the AERA Annual Conference, San Diego, USA, 11-14th April 2009.

Wilson, E. (2008) Using blended learning in a science education masters course, Proceedings of the International Association for Scientific Knowledge Conference: Teaching and Learning, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 538 - 545.

McIntyre, J., Hobson, A., Mitchell, N. & Wilson, E. (2008) 'Drinking water in the desert?' Findings from the evaluation of the University of Cambridge early professional development network for beginning teachers. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Edinburgh, 3 - 6 September 2008

Wilson, E. & Demetriou, H. (2006) New teachers' perspectives on their early years of teaching. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Warwick, 6-9 September 2006