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Seminar Meetings

Cambridge (Faculty of Education) Seminar Series
Lent Term Seminar: Saturday 15th March 2003
Using models and modelling to challenge and extend the most able in science classes

The next Seminar in the series will be held next term, on Saturday, 15th March, 2003. Further details will be available nearer the time, but the theme will be on how models and modelling can be used to challenge and extend the most able in science classes. The seminar is intended for teachers who wish to try out some ideas based on this approach with their own pupils. The day will include an interactive workshop led by Prof. John Gilbert and Matthew Newberry explaining what we mean by models and modelling in science teaching, and how this approach can be used in teaching, and a planning session where classroom teachers can form specific plans of how they will start to introduce the ideas with their classes.

Those attending will be asked to try out some of the ideas, and to report back their progress to the group at a subsequent meeting in the summer term. (This need not be an extended formal presentation!) In this way the group can start to develop and share classroom expertise in this area.