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Seminar Meetings

Cambridge (Faculty of Education) Seminar Series
Easter Term 2004-5 Seminar: Saturday 5th March, 2005

How do high achieving students understand the nature of science?
Dr. Keith Taber
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

It has been suggested that the nature of science provides a suitable focus for challenging more able students in science. Last year a group of trainee teachers from the Faculty worked on an SEP supported project for the KS3 strategy, concerned with the teaching of 'ideas and evidence' in science. As part of this project we visited two local schools to collect some data on how well top set pupils understood some key terms, and to investigate their thinking about why scientific ideas have developed over time. The session will consider the findings from these visits.

Break and refreshments

Challenging able students through an after school science enrichment programme - early thoughts on the ASCEND project.
Members of the ASCEND project team

ASCEND is a project developing and exploring a science enrichment programme for Y10 students. The programme is a series of after-school sessions, with students nominated by the schools in the Cambridge Federation of Secondary Schools. The project, supported by SEP, is drawing upon some of the features of provision that have been suggested in previous Seminar sessions. This presentation will outline the thinking behind the programme, and reflect on our experiences in the first two sessions - and how those experiences can inform the development of the programme.

PowerPoint Presentations

The "PowerPoint" presentations from this seminar can be downloaded to your hard drive:

APECSL05Taber.ppt (PowerPoint file; 220K)

APECSASCEND.ppt (PowerPoint file; 44K)