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Seminar Meetings

Cambridge (Faculty of Education) Seminar Series
Michaelmas Term 2004-5 Seminar: Saturday 9th October, 2004
Challenging pupils through talk in the science classroom
Professor Phil Scott
Centre for Studies in Science and Mathematics Education, University of Leeds


One of the taken-for-granted aspects of what goes on in
science classrooms is the teacher and pupil talk which, in fact, frames
all of the other activities. In this seminar I shall introduce a tool
for identifying the different kinds of talk in the science classroom and
shall argue that extending the kinds of talk employed can go some way to
increasing the challenges on all pupils in science lessons. The ideas
presented will be fully illustrated with video and transcripts and draw
upon the sociocultural perspectives on teaching and learning of Vygotsky
and Bakhtin.

PowerPoint Presentation

The "PowerPoint" presentation from this seminar can be downloaded to your hard drive:

Scott2004.ppt (PowerPoint file; 272K)